The Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations continue! Here’s an exclusive "In Your Words" article with Hispanic creative and Dua Lipa Selected Creator Orlando Toledo! We caught up with the Paraguayan as he discussed his Dua Lipa AR filter and being chosen. Get inspired by his experience below. (1).gif

I am Orlando Toledo, from Paraguay, graphic designer, illustrator and I have been working in advertising for 7 years, but never in all those years did I have such a big challenge as designing and creating an AR filter for Dua Lipa. My participation on the call took place through the Talenthouse website itself, as I had previously participated in other calls, this time when I saw DUA LIPA in the headline, I went straight in to know more in detail about what had to be done. It did not matter if the theme was to make a spoon for her, I was going to participate anyway, that was very clear! I love Dua, I follow her career, I love everything she does, I identify with her, perhaps because we are from the same generation.

The first thing I did was read the requirements 4 times, because I had to be very clear about everything that was requested, then I went to listen to the song returned (because I already knew it) and analyze the lyrics and the video clip. From that analysis I concluded the following: "Hallucinate is a song to dance, with a lot of energy and joy."

Orlando 2.gif 

That was the basis for designing the filter, I needed to reflect that experience in some way. Then I put in mind our current context, because the song conveys feelings and actions that take you directly to a party, and as we all know, not that right now we can't. I set a challenge to propose a design that was a fun and energetic filter like the song. So that everyone who uses it can enjoy a good time from wherever they are.

With that idea in mind, I spoke to a friend to help me with the image, because I must admit that I am a very introverted person and I did not see myself in front of all this exhibition. She also threw me some super necessary tips when making the filter, as she is a makeup artist she guided me from that side. I made this quick sketch with what I had on hand, to visualize the idea of ​​the filter a bit. We liked it so much that we decided to go down that path.


The next step was to develop the filter and make it work. As I am someone who practically grew up with internet, I started and looked for everything I needed. At first I went crazy because it was a lot of information to process, but through a few coffee's in between, I started programming. I needed the filter to be as functional and practical as possible, that is why I was testing it with some friends. While I was working, they were using the filter, that helped me to solve errors and perfect the experience.

The next thing was to upload it and let the universe do its work, I thought that way because I was very anxious. So the idea was to forget about the contest until the date the winner was announced, so I wouldn't suffer waiting. The day they announced it, I couldn't believe it, I cried and screamed with happiness like never in my life, to this day. I don't even know if my neighbors have already forgiven me for all that ruckus I made.

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I want to emphasize that this experience served me a lot because it came at a time in my life, in which I was rethinking everything. I needed to do other things, I no longer liked work and what I had been doing. I wanted to dedicate more time to illustration, I needed to explore other artistic fields. After discovering the range of possibilities that filters offer, I loved it.

I also want to take advantage of this space to thank my friends who were supporting me to participate in this project and to the entire Talenthouse Team for this opportunity.

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