To kick off our celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, we are happy to bring you our latest edition of our "In Your Words" series with Diorella 'Dior' Reyes! Take a look at Diorella's amazing artwork and have a read about what inspires her and her unfiltered experiences below.


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Hi, my name is Diorella and I'm from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and I graduated as a publicist, currently a graphic designer, and I love to illustrate. Lately I've played another role in my career as a Creative Director. Here I have the opportunity to live a totally different experience to graphic design. Leading a team in digital advertising, has led me to create elaborate advertising campaigns, proposals for clients, scripts and direction for audiovisuals. Creating is my thing, that's why creativity and design is the engine that fuels my passion.

I always make sure that the projects in which I participate, whether freelance or formal work, are carried out with the greatest efficiency. From the brainstorming session where I like to participate and the first sketches of an illustration and take it to animation. It gives me a lot of satisfaction as an artist and art lover in general.

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First of all I want to thank the Talenthouse, Zooppa and Ello communities, for allowing me to express myself through your platforms. Today I want to share my perspective on the importance and impact of including People of Color (POC) in art, in my case in illustrations and motion graphics.

Art for me is the most beautiful form of expression, because many times we do not know how to express that pure feeling that we want to show people. I have light skin but I have always been inclusive when capturing my art with people of color. I have no problem in illustrating a person of color or how we call them here in my country  "un moreno o una morena." I love POC, my boyfriend is a person of color and is also an illustrator, we love art and that unites us more.

adrianvv-17.pngI live in a beautiful country where people of color are more predominant, since we are a very tropical country, where the majority of your family and friends are POC. We all live with love, for me every human being has the same value. Art is a beautiful platform to give that love that the world needs, it is a way to give our support, our respect, and admiration for others.

There are some differences between white people and POC. In our country, a person of color is still discriminated against when looking for work, either because of their color or because they have curly hair, tattoos, etc ... it is something that must definitely end.


We are at a time in the world where mutual support should predominate. Love each other and join forces all of us to live in a world without discrimination and more inclusion. Teach new generations that we are all human with the same rights, and we as artists always give our grain of sand by shaping our love for POC in our art. I hope you liked my opinion on this beautiful topic about my perspective on the importance and impact of including POC in art.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
-Diorella Dior

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