With over 680 creative submissions brought to life to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Ice Cube’s hit single, “It Was a Good Day,” it was a tall order for Ice Cube and his team to choose just one Selected Artist. So our team over here at Talenthouse has picked our top favorites to highlight this week in our magazine - along with an awesome time-lapse video showcasing all the work behind the creation of the selected submission. Check out our list below to see which submissions stood out to our team! If we missed your favorite- be sure to let us know what it was in the comments below!


Selected Artist 

Steven Watts
United States  

FragoutDesign_IWAGD25_Illustration Submission Final-03.jpg


Talenthouse Picks 

Olivia Odiwe
United Kingdom 



Léa Margerie

gif 9mb.gif


Inessa Dovranova
Novosibirsk, Russian

Ice Cube “It Was a Good Day”.jpg


Alina Markova

ICE CUBE (1).jpg


Nicky Barkla 
Melbourne, Australia



Chris Ramirez 
Lima, Peru

ice cube2.jpg


Anindito Wisnu 
Jakarta, Indonesia

It Was A Good Day submit.jpg


Mico Apostol
Makati, Philippines

ICE final 1,4.jpg


JB Villafuerte 
Iloilo City, Philippines



Sebastian Lohmaier
Erlangen, Germany



And a special shout-out to Matej Bednár, whose work was highlighted and shared on Ice Cube’s personal Instagram, Facebook and Twitter channels with Bednar credited in the image itself. 

Matej Bednár 
Wien, Austria


Let us know your favorites in the comments below!