Giuseppe Lama was selected by Irvine Welsh and Jon S Baird as the designer behind the limited edition movie poster for FILTH. FILTH, dubbed the next 'Trainspotting', is in Cinemas now. If you live in London, you might have spotted Giuseppe's deliciously filthy design in 30th September's METRO, as featured here. We had a chat with Giuseppe to find out what had changed since the world got to feast their eyes on his winning poster design.


FILTHMETRO.pngTH: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Giuseppe: I live in London but I'm originally from Naples, Southern Italy. I studied graphic design and photography- after graduation I went to the Academy of Fine Arts to study Set Design. This was all pre-computers, so everything we did then was entirely manual. I still sketch today, but what I really love doing is digital photo manipulation and collage.


TH: What would you consider to be the characteristics of a good design?
Giuseppe: A good design should be compelling, attractive and should really reach out and communicate to the viewer. However it should also be something one can be proud of and happy about, within the limits of a commission; something that stretches one's technical and creative abilities to the max, every time.


TH: Whose work do you most admire?
Giuseppe: I love surreal art, and with such amazing talents around the list could be endless! I'll name a few though, the ones that have shaped my creativity early on, such as Dave McKean, Peter Greenaway, Joel Peter Witkin, The Quay Brothers.


TH: Where do you seek inspiration for your work?
Giuseppe: My origins play a very important part in what I do. My somewhat "dark" imagery comes from living the early part of my life in a place whit its roots deep in superstition, dreams, premonitions and afterlife.


TH: What advice would you share with an aspiring designer?
Giuseppe: Focussing on one's aspirations is essential. This is a very competitive field with a lot of incredible talent out there so, a unique, consistent, and recognisable style would definitely help a piece of work stand out.


TH: Has the volume of your business or social footprint increased since the release of your winning FILTH design?
Giuseppe: This was a very interesting Creative Invite, it attracted hundreds of participants and their circles; social media did the rest. I had just happened to have launched my website then and it's traffic went through the roof overnight!


TH:Why did you come to Talenthouse?:
Giuseppe: I'm at a semi-professional level, and Talenthouse for me is a great platform, one that allows me to connect my work and professional presence to a worldwide audience. It can be an extremely stimulating experience that can test one's versatility and flexibility to the huge variety of projects available.

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TH: What is the next creative project you will be working on?
Giuseppe: I have two main projects in the making, both Talenthouse Creative Invites! One of them is a video- you'll have to wait to see the rest!


TH: Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Giuseppe: If I'm allowed to fantasise... In a studio here in my beloved London, making visuals and art books, collaborating with like minded creatives, and spreading the love for all things surreal!

To see more of Guiseppe's work, check out his Talenthouse profile.