There’s a new creative brief in Gotham – and by that we mean Talenthouse – where you can be in with the chance of winning $2,000. Five selected creators will take home the prize for their work on digitally illustrated poster artwork inspired by the upcoming WB Games video game, Gotham Knights.

Batman might not be around to help, but we can give you a few tips to aid that inspiration. Let’s swoop on in there...

The Bat Has Flown


The temptation might be there to focus on the bat-shaped side of things, but that’s not what we’re after here. Batman is gone. But in stepping out from the shadow of the Dark Knight there’s a chance to go places few have gone before – to highlight the characters making up the Gotham Knights team. Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, and Red Hood can be elevated to a status greater than Batman; it’s all about focusing hard on the characters in front of you, and not looking elsewhere to those who don’t factor in this time around.

It’s A Hoot

court of owls.jpg

While players are looking to save Gotham, it’s impossible to ignore the nefarious influence being felt throughout Gotham Knights. The Court of Owls are, putting it simply, the bad guys. This powerful cabal lurks in the shadows, masked and anonymous, counterbalancing the good our heroes try to do. The Court of Owls aren’t necessarily the focus – and they’re not here to be celebrated, they’re here to be stopped – but the looming presence of this shadowy, conspiratorial group might inspire your art. After all, what is a hero – or a group of heroes – without a foil?

Remember Gotham

Can anyone say ‘the city is a character’ these days without sounding a bit too obvious? No? Oh. Well still: Gotham City is a character you shouldn’t forget whenlooking for inspiration. It’s even in the name of the game, after all. The city of darkness embodies a neon noir spirit and helps to frame every heroic and villainous interaction between the Gotham Knights and the Court of Owls. It’s more than a background, more than a mere window dressing – Gotham is, one more time with feeling, a character.

Gotham has its new heroes – all it needs is your creativity to bolster their efforts. Have fun as you step into the Knight.