When you come across the work of Vladislav Skobelskij aka HAPPY, the first thing that probably pop's into your head is -"Wow! This is AMAZING!" Then your eyes try to decipher the myriad of colors bombarding your senses while focusing on all the details that comprise the image. Neon pinks, blues, greens, yellows and all colors derived from the rainbow carefully selected to work together. HAPPY's artwork is orchestrated/controlled chaos that brings a smile onto the viewers face with the kawaii figures that show the heavy Japanese anime influence. Hailing from Kiev, Ukraine, this artist's work has been featured in Hi-Fructose Magazine, KALTBLUT, and on several album covers. We caught up with the psychedelic artist to ask him about his future projects, alias origin, creative process and more.  

Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 1.32.35 PM.png


TH: Can you tell us a bit about yourself? What do you do?
VS: Yes, I studied at one time as an animated film director, but over time I switched to illustration, and a few years ago, inspired by psychedelic art, Japanese pop culture, and collage, I began to draw the works that you see now.

TH: What inspires your illustrations?
VS: As I said above, I am inspired by psychedelic art, music, rock, but also modern electronic music, techno. I also love Japanese culture, manga, and inspiration sometimes comes from something I saw, and sometimes by itself.



TH: What is your creative process like?
VS: It happens in different ways, but the main feature is that it starts in an image that revolves in my head. Then I open Photoshop and start painting and collage the image. I also try to make colors harmonious so that they resonate with each other. Since I chose bright colors, it is important that they do not irritate the eye, so the composition of the colors in the picture is a separate process.

TH: Where does the alias “Happy” come from?
VS: It comes from my work, namely from color. I invented it myself, thought, hmm, my colors are bright and are in the nature of happiness, I will be Happy. 



TH: What 5 words would you use to describe your style?
VS: happiness, courage, exile, game, love

TH: What was it like to be featured in Hi-Fructose Magazine? How did that come about?
VS: I subscribed to them on Instagram, saw a lot of bright beautiful photos and illustrations in my feed, and then I just wrote to them and showed my work. Over time, I already forgot that I sent them my pictures when on one September day I see a familiar work in my Instagram feed. It's me!!! I was very happy, that's how it happened. 



TH: If you could have an hour to talk with anyone from the past, who would that be?
VS: Good question. I think it would be some ancient Buddhist samurai monk. I love the wisdom of Asia, and the way it is very inspiring. 

TH: Do you have any projects you are currently working on, or planning on doing?
VS: Yes, there is, of course! I want to do a lot of things, but I would like to bring something new to my work. Maybe start making more animations, or experiment with collage and fashion, but this is still an idea.



TH: What would you ultimately like to achieve with your artwork?
VS: I want so that through my work I could bring people together, so that they can get satisfaction from them. I’ll say more specifically, let’s organize a festival, or a party, or fashion show with the scenery from my work, and all together give an atmosphere of happiness and positivity. Work with top musicians and fashion designers and visualize content for them. After all, for most artists it is important to bring their idea to the masses, and when for example a musician and an artist work together, it is doubly emotional and more people see their work. This will bring something new to people's lives. Here perhaps in the near future such desires.




To see more of HAPPY's work, check out his Talenthouse, Instagram and Tumblr