With a unique take on foods and everyday objects, artist Vanessa McKeown knows how to entertain her huge 70K Instagram followers with photography. McKeown’s work ranges from placing candy where you typically wouldn’t see it to making ordinary objects extraordinary with pastel colors. We caught up with McKeown to learn more about her and her vibrant work.

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TH: Can you tell us a bit about yourself? 
VM: I'm 26 and live with my very cute cat. I originally studied graphic design and worked as a film editor but quit my job to do more photography work last year and haven't looked back! I also have a thing for pale blue. It has a way of making everything look good, in photos anyway.

TH: What does creativity mean to you?
VM: I think it's really got to come from the heart and the most important thing. I think every one's creative but in different ways! It's important to feel free and not worry if it's the right way or wrong way, if you created it then it must be right! For me it's in making compositions and that feels natural. 

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TH: What kind of creative rituals do you have? 
VM: I always have to start by writing thoughts down, that usually leads me on to something. When I'm feeling visually blocked (like writers block haha) I like to look at things that aren't related to what I'm doing, or even watch a film then go back to it.  

TH: How long does it usually take you to create your designs? 
It can take a few hours; sometimes I'll do it really quickly then go back to a hour later and think oh what about if it was 1 cm to the left etc. Then I'll have to do it again, just so I can sleep at night, which can be a bit obsessive! Usually the first one was perfect!

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TH: What are you trying to communicate with your art?
I just want people to look at it and smile! I think I like to communicate small ideas, and ways of seeing differently. 

TH: What has been your favorite photograph that you’ve taken?
OOO, I really like the Marlboro and crayons and the toothpaste and rainbow candy!

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TH: What camera, lenses or software do you use to create your images?
VM: I use a Canon 5d and I tend to use 100mm lens and lightly use Photoshop to clean away all that cat fur! 

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Learn more about McKeown on Instagram, Tumblr and her website.