Sorin Ilie from Romania has been fascinated by visual arts for over 14 years and he's been on a long journey to improve those skills. Sorin now works as a freelance graphic designer/illustrator creating stunning works for clients with poster designs being his specialty. He describes his own brand as creative, professional, reliable, efficient and skillful. We caught up with the talented artist to ask him about his creative process, favorite design and future projects so sit back, relax and join us through his thoughts. 



TH: What inspires your designs?
SI: It could be anything really. From a movie, I saw or I’m interested in (since I love to create film posters) to a great piece of art I stumble upon. 

TH: How do you see the role of the artist evolving in today’s ever-more-digital world?
SI: I think it’s amazing that so many artists, regardless of their niche, have now the ability to share their talent and work with the rest of the world and the community. The opportunities to find new work and make new connections are definitely indicative of that and I think it’s great that you can collaborate with someone on the other side of the world. While the digital space may have its downsides, it will also continue to inspire more and more people.



TH: Do you have any favorite artist that has inspired you?
SI: I adore the work of master poster artist Drew Struzan.

TH: Do you have a favorite design/project that you’ve created?
SI: I really like how my piece for the movie ‘Midsommar’ turned out. It was a great honor when the film’s director, Ari Aster, shared it on his Twitter.

MIdsommar Poster res2.jpg


TH: If you could collaborate with someone, who would it be and what would be the nature of the project?
SI: I would love to collaborate with a studio for a major picture release. 

TH: Do you have any projects you are currently working on or planning on doing?
SI: I have a few projects that I’m currently finishing for a few indie studios and a couple of personal projects where I’ve tried some new styles that I will soon share.

AbductionPoster res.jpg 


TH: Looking back on your path, what was the single most important event or circumstance that directly impacted where you are today in your career?
SI: I can’t say that I have a specific moment. For me the support I had from the ones close to me definitely shaped my path. 

TH: What is something you know now that you have wished you had known when you were first starting out?
SI: Probably that I shouldn’t put any stock in negativity and/or self-doubt.

Derry Poster Animated - Day.gif


TH: Do you have any tips or suggestions for other aspiring artists/ designers?
SI: Keep creating. No matter what. 

TH: How do you overcome creative blocks?
SI: Usually I try to take a step back when I’m in one and try to enjoy other things. It pretty much always works since I can get recharged and be ready to take on new challenges.

TH: Professionally, what’s your ultimate goal?
SI: To keep going on this awesome journey of creativity and constantly improve myself.




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