German artist Sergio Ingravalle spends most of his time creating one of a kind illustrations by mixing watercolor, drawings, and digital techniques. His works range from sports to product illustrations and much more. We caught up with Sergio to learn more about him and what goes into making his special pieces. Check out this exclusive interview to get a closer look at what Sergio has up his sleeve!




TH: Did you always know you’re going to be an artist?
SI: It took some time to actually realize that illustration would be my path. I studied Visual Communication at the University of Applied Sciences in Dusseldorf, Germany where I always focused on illustration and got insights into other areas of visual communications. In the beginning, I created fashion graphics for various brands like Esprit and Marc O’ Polo. I liked the variety of illustration styles you need to provide for every single collection, but then I decided to make a change in 2011 and traveled to see how people on the other side of the world create, work and live. The result was a design report for my thesis. In Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and China I met fantastic artists, designers and illustrators and after hours of inspirational conversations, I decided to focus on my passion when I get back home: illustration.



TH: What media do you use for your creations?
SI: Mostly digital drawings created with Photoshop and a Wacom tablet in combination with scanned watercolor and ink splashes. I am currently experimenting a lot with my iPad and Procreate as well.



TH: What are you trying to convey with your work and how is your personality reflected in your work?
SI: Sports is a very important aspect in my life. Apart from the gym, I try to play soccer three times [a week] and to mountain bike as much as possible. In my illustrations I have fun trying to lend movement to static images by using splashes and loose drawings to create a kind of dynamism. I think this is why I illustrate a lot of sports and especially soccer-related motives and enjoy the challenge to enhance the energy.



TH: Do you have any career goals you’d like to achieve within the next 5 years?
SI: It would be a dream project to create illustrations for my favorite soccer team Juventus Turin. Another goal would be to encourage students and upcoming artists by teaching illustration at universities.



TH: Have you done any branded work? If so, with whom?
SI: Since I am focusing more on my passion for sport illustrations, I had the pleasure to work with various brands like Coca-Cola, ESPN Magazine and currently with the biggest soccer club in Germany FC Bayern Munich. Beside sport related projects I am also very glad that I had the chance to work with Marvel, Peugeot and National Geographic. It is a lot of fun working on different subjects and with different people.



TH: What’s one piece of advice you would give to young artists who want to start their own design studio like yours?
SI: Be honest with yourself and take your time to find out what you really love to do. It is very inspiring to see what other artists do, but don’t feel intimidated by their talent. Just don’t wait to create. 



TH: Do you have a favorite piece you have done?
SI: I think that I am quite happy with the illustration of Andrea Pirlo, one of my favourite football players. I remember that I liked the outcome here when I worked on my first sport illustrations. Besides, this illustration led to a few collaborations and job requests. 


TH: How do you overcome creative blocks?
SI: For me, creative blocks vanish more and more by building up a personal routine. Creating something everyday helps a lot to prevent these black holes inside our heads. From my experience, just starting to create by drawing the first line is the easiest way to overcome the blocks. Changing the location is also very helpful. When I feel a bit tensed I go to a café with my sketchbook and an iPad.  



To see more of Sergio’s work, check out his Instagram, website and Talenthouse.