Creating a video submission based on a true story, Zimbabwean filmmaker Naison Gumbo submitted a simple, funny yet effective music video for the Secret Company Creative Invite. Basing his storyline on a true story, Naison's submission really stood out to the members of Secret Company for its authenticity and was a shoe-in. We asked Naison where the inspiration for the video came from and what the filmmaking scene is like in Zimbabwe. 


TH: When did you start filming? 
NG: I started filming about two years ago, I was into photography and then I decided to try videos.

TH: What was your inspiration for your Secret Company submission?
NG: My submission was inspired by a true story. I had a friend from Angola called Jeronimo Barros, he was always there for me, he always stood up for me- at times he would bend the rules to just make sure that I was alright. He was more like my hero, my 'saviour.'


TH: How did you come up with the story/theme for your Secret Company submission? 
NG: I wanted something funny but also wanted to send a message with my submission. At first I shot the video with older actors and to me it was not that funny so I decided to work with young actors and try it again. 

TH: What is the art/film scene like in Zimbabwe? 
NG: I think compared to other African countries like Nigeria and South Africa, the film scene here is still behind but there is great potential I hope we will develop and grow in that area.


TH: What filmmakers do you admire?
NG: The filmmakers that I admire are Tyler Perry, Mel Gibson, Sylvester Stalone and Dr. Victor Frank Okoye from Nigeria.

TH: How does it make you feel that you have been Selected for the Secret Company Creative Invite?
NG: Well I feel great, I am very happy that I was selected for the Secret Company initiative, because I never went to any filming school, I actually learned from the Internet. I am still an amateur and also comparing my video with other videos I think they had better quality than mine and they also had good themes so I am really pleased I was selected. 


TH: Do you have any big plans on what you are doing with the reward money? 
NG: I am planning to buy better equipment with the reward money, a better camera and lenses.

TH: Who are some musical artists that you love? 
NG: Some of my favorite musical artists include Oliver Mtukudzi (from Zimbabwe), Don Moen, Michael Smith, Ed Sheeran, FUN and now I also like Secret Company.


TH: Any advice to young filmmakers? 
NG: My advice to the young filmmakers is to "stay hungry and stay foolish", learn new things, develop ideas and love what you do.





Watch the full music video on Muzu.