Supporting entrepreneurial spirit and creative excellence Porsche created The Porsche Talent Project which connected six emerging Talenthouse Fashion Artists, Florentine Schlueter, Alexander Wiredu, Theresa Gross, Natalie Maassen, Marina Doroschkov and Laura Lang with German clothing brand lala Berlin to create artwork inspired by their personal culture and heritage. Using lala Berlin’s famous triangle scarf and the Porsche Panamera’s overall design as inspiration, the six artists each created their own unique pieces at a one-day workshop. We got a chance to catch up with these artists and ask them about this project opportunity, their experience, the concept behind their artwork and much more. Take a look at this exclusive interview with them below. 


TH: Can you tell us about your experience being part of the Porsche Talent Project? What was it like?
Florentine: It felt like a field trip at school with an upgrade, without teachers and definitely with better rides! I was very excited that I was flown in from Paris to realize my idea during the Porsche x lala Berlin workshop in Berlin. Every step of the way was exciting; finding the concept, traveling, meeting Leyla, the wonderful teams and the artists, of course the actual workshop, and after a long day, celebrating together. It really motivated me to keep on doing what I do. I love meeting new people and connecting with other artists, and we all got along so naturally. We were all so different, so were our ideas, and there was not one moment of competition during the workshop, it was such a peaceful environment. That made me really happy!

Alex: I was really really excited to work with those two companies and the idea behind the project was fun and challenging too.

Laura: To start off, it was an honor to have been chosen to participate at this project. It was a challenging task but in the end a very rewarding experience.


Marina: Being part of the Porsche Talent Project was a big honor for me and let me feel like a little star. I was impressed by the good organization, like the hotel we stayed in, the restaurants we visited or the incredible location where the workshop took place. I met interesting people and it made great experience.

Natalie: It was a really great opportunity to meet all those exciting people from Porsche, lala Berlin and other talents. The whole event was very exclusive with riding in a Porsche, staying in the Hotel Zoo, and having dinner with everybody at Grill Royal. I had a really great time.

Theresa: First of all, thank you again for including me in this interesting and cool project. I really enjoyed being part of it and challenging my creativity in another way than how I do in my everyday life. Even though as a stylist, my most important skill is creativity but as I work with existing products, putting them together my way, it's not the same as creating something with little guideline by yourself. Using your hands, eyes and senses is a great thing and I think people should genuinely express themselves and do more creative stuff. The feeling of being driven around in this beautiful Porsche and the beautiful location we were working at made me feel so special and appreciated in my role as a creative influencer. All in all, I would whenever, wherever love to be a part again.



TH: What was your idea or concept behind the artwork you created at the workshop? What were you inspired by?
Florentine: I reimagined the lala Berlin Trinity Scarf as a reversible, triangular sleeping bag to highlight contrasts between safety and fear, comfort and captivity, protection and danger. One side is made of the cashmere scarfs: super soft & comfortable. The other side is studded with barbed wire, representing danger, fear and the complete opposite of comfort. It picks up my German heritage and connects it with the also politically charged pattern of the scarf. Symbolizing the fine line between unity and separation, war and peace, east and west, that is still so relevant today. I hope that it will remind people, make them think, cause reactions and still be fun at the same time.

Alex: The bovine heads are a project I have been working on for a longer time and come from my homeland, Africa. It’s a very rare product.

Laura: Austria is a very traditional country in many different ways— music, local costumes, typical buildings represent "the Austrian way of life" and are admired elsewhere. As a basic for my design I chose the traditional "Dirndl." My aim was to combine the triangular scarf of lala Berlin which is also based on an approved and meaningful model with a modern eye catching form and to break the uniformal character of the typical Austrian costume.


Marina: I was born in Russia and the idea of my artwork, due to current conflicts and imminent wars between countries, is to point out cultural parallels between the Russian and the Iranian culture and to bring them closer. The cultures are peacefully woven together in a tapestry.

Natalie: I created an installation named "Home 4" which represented my cultural heritage from Ukraine. lala scarfs became a collage for a background which represented a wall from an Ukrainian house. In front of the "wall" I created four arms, which represented a family. The idea was to create something very personal, because only then it becomes a good thing.

Theresa: My idea/concept was to turn the scarfs into a wedding dress. As I was informing myself about the history and political background of the kufiya scarf, I found out that this specific pattern became a symbol for the Palestine conflict and is naturally referred to troubles, blood and territorial and political asylum. I wanted to turn this pattern into something that would only allow positive feelings, just like a wedding dress. Also my sister is getting married this year and since I tried so many dresses together with her, I guess this topic was already on my head.



TH: Being at the Porsche Talent Project for one day, what was your all time favorite part of the workshop?
Florentine: Being appreciated and recognized as an artist and getting the opportunity to express myself through this project. Also, getting to know Leyla, her team and the other artists.

Alex: To work with those two companies and all of the other creative talents.

Laura: To exchange ideas with the other designers and have dinner at Grill Royal.


Marina: It was very exciting to meet the other artists, to spend time with them and with the Designer Leyla Piedayesh and her team. But the best part of the workshop was to be picked up with a Porsche - I could get used to that.

Natalie: One of my favorite parts was to see the collection from lala, they have such amazing knitwear! And I loved the moment when Florentine demonstrated her sleeping bag.

Theresa: I think my favorite part of the workshop was to be able to work fully freely in a beautiful creative environment with great people. Just being able to play around with all kinds of materials, wondering around the studio in between and chatting with the others about our passions, occupations and ideas. That’s what I really loved.



TH: Design has always been an important part of Porsche's DNA. What's your perception of the brand?
Florentine: I sure tasted blood while getting a ride in the Porsches! It’s just so stylish inside and out, and definitely a fun ride. For me, it’s the luxurious sport classic, cool, stylish, mixing tradition with new innovative projects just like the Porsche Talent Project.

Alex: I think Porsche is the only car brand that can really unite design + fashion.

Laura: Until now my perception of Porsche was limited to the information given to me by the media and represented exceptional luxury power and aesthetics. During the workshop I was able to get in contact with a professionally and perfect organization as well as the support for a team.


Marina: Vehicles, especially Porsche, have always fascinated me - be it a classic car in his angular shape or modern, innovative vehicles in their futuristic appearance. These are artworks on wheels in their own era, which have become not only in their function inevitable for us humans, but show in their design and comfort an ongoing process and development. Porsche convinces in performance of speed, intelligent techniques and the unmistakable design. A Porsche is a unique sports car and stands for modern lifestyle. 

Natalie: I find it really great that Porsche did this project with Talenthouse and lala. It shows that the brand is very open to adopt a modern way of thinking.

Theresa: I think there is nothing more classy and iconic than Porsche... I mean there will never be something more beautiful and desirable than a Porsche... maybe a woman!


Learn more about this Porsche Talent Project and stay tuned for more exclusive Porsche Projects coming very soon.