As the Director of Route, ex-Chairman for Outsmart, CEO of Primesight and more, Naren Patel has over 25 years of experience in out-of-home advertising. Ranked as the highest media owner by the Best Companies Survey, Patel knows quite a bit about advertising, running a company and eye-catching billboards, to say the least. For those of you who aren't familiar, Primesight is a company which now reaches 98% of the UK population every week via large format billboards! We asked the CEO superstar about his career, more about Primesight and advice for artists submitting to the Primesight and Future Dreams #TheUltimateCanvas Creative Invite.


Looking back on your path, was there a single most important event or circumstance that directly impacted where you are today in your advertising career?
I saw an advertisement on a bus for XXXX – which was an Australian beer brand – it featured that Australian cricket team that dominated the ashes that year. It has always stuck in my mind.

If you could change something about the advertising industry, what would it be?
More emphasis on creating brand fame and a little less emphasis on ROI.

What would be something that captures your eye when you see a billboard design?
Colour and contrast.


Do you have any creative hobbies, like playing an instrument or painting?
Unfortunately, my accountancy background strictly prohibited any sort of creativity!

What advice would you give to designers/creators before they start working on their submissions?
Picture a young person, headphones on…walking down the street sending a text…….now use a poster to disrupt them.

What 3 words would you use to describe Primesight as a company?
Challenger, Responsive, Fun

Check out the Creative Invite for more details on creating a billboard for Primsight and Future Dreams.