What Stirs your creativity?  The concept of Stir Creativity is exactly what it sounds like - unlocking your creative potential. It is an instinct we are born with, but as we get older we learn to suppress it. Yet, in moments like this, it is our creativity that shines and pulls us through difficult times. It is the essence of resourcefulness, which is why we wanted to chat with one of our Stir Creativity artists, Mark Walters.
Mark is an award winning, UK based Graphic Designer and Artist with an affinity for typography and bold striking colors that capture the mind and our attention. 



TH: How would you describe your artistic style?
MW: Overall I think I have a mixed style, I work as a graphic designer so I have to know about different styles and ways of creating things to keep current and relevant. I do feel I am drawn more to using bold colours and have a big interest in typography and design overall, but I do think you always have to be learning and experimenting with new ways to make yourself better at what you do. 

TH: What is your creative process like?
: I always read the brief thoroughly and write down key points and parts that stand out to me. I then sketch out my initial ideas and thoughts and then gather research and reference to help with (for example finding a nice colour to use), but this all depends on the brief. Then I will start to work up my ideas, whether it be digitally or by hand, depending on the idea. Next, I go through the process of trying to get the work to be the best it can be within the time frames available. There are a lot of ups and downs when creating stuff, so most jobs are different - which I suppose is part of the fun and the unknown of where you are going to end up!



TH: Tell us a bit about the artwork you submitted and your inspiration for the piece?
I really like using bold colors and graphic shapes in my work, so I wanted to introduce this style which felt like it fit really well with this brief. The first piece was to create an interesting and engaging pattern that worked to a grid format, but didn’t feel too restricted or too regimented. I chose to use a blue palette with complimentary colors of yellow and white – this made the pattern feel like it was influenced and a part of the Bombay Sapphire brand, but also still felt individual and something different. The second piece I created used hand-drawn illustrations that were influenced by different experiences of the brand, from the creation of the gin to the cocktails that can be made with Bombay Sapphire. I used a bright colour palette that worked well with the bottle and the brand blue colors.

TH: What does creativity mean to you, and why is it important for brands like Bombay Sapphire to encourage this and create platforms for artists?
Creativity is pretty much expressed in everything we do. It is something that everyone has the power to use, whatever they’re doing, and it is encouraging when a brand sees that they can give people the freedom to express creativity and give artists the platform to be freely creative.

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TH: What would you say to fellow creators out there looking to further their career in the creative space?
Just keep creating, practice as much as you can and stick at it. Keep learning new things whatever area you want to be in creatively and don’t be afraid to share your ideas, also don’t be afraid to ask for help and advice from people that inspire you. I like to think that most people are nice, even more, so people who work within a creative space.

TH: What tips can you share with fellow creators about how to stay creative and inspired during this challenging time
MW: There has been a lot of advice with regards to the situation that people find themselves in. If you are in a position where you can still be creative and are searching for inspiration, my advice would be to take the time to read that one book you have been meaning to read for ages, but haven't got round to it for a whole range of reasons. It doesn't even need to be a creative style book but there will be something in it that sparks a thought or an idea that you will use in the future. Also, try not to eat too many snacks and try to stick to some sort of routine. Having a work space separate from a place to relax will help, so try not working on the sofa unless that's where you work best.

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Want to see more of Mark’s fantastic work follow him on instagram Type ‘n’ Tings.