Lendl Romero aka Dale is an illustrator and menswear designer from Manila, Philippines. He lets his “inner Picasso” run free so he always calls himself a creative person. In addition to being a self-taught artist he owns a start-up clothing brand geared at streetwear which he hopes will be known internationally someday. Dale also is turning his own body into a live piece of artwork. He’s just completed both arm sleeves and intends to cover his entire body in tattoos, with the exception of his face. Let’s hope some of them are of his own design!

Dale Headshot.jpg


What was the first piece of creative you remember making and being truly excited about?
It was fan art for a Gothic/dark album for an underground band when I was in college and still new and naive to the design industry. I didn’t even know what “composition” meant, but I did it anyway and it was pure fun.

What inspires you the most and finds its way into your artwork?
My work always involves a face with dramatic expressions or a twist. I started in design with no formal training, but was always fascinated by Andy Warhol’s bold colors and his series with celebrities. I said to myself “My style is going to be that colorful, but melodramatic in sense with deeper meaning behind it.”

What was your creative process for the Netflix DARK mural - did it start with a specific character or the style/mood of the series itself?
Everything was about Martha (laughing). I have a huge crush on her, which is why I got hooked on DARK. Plus, the time travel thing is what I call my “nerdtopia” - I’ll watch a time travel documentary at 3AM, because I believe that someday we will be able to go back in time.
Then there is the vibe of DARK which is brilliant and has so many twists and is unpredictable. It just appeals to me because I love dark surreal or macabre art. With all this inspiration, I immediately began to sketch my idea on my tablet. It was love at first sight and just felt confident with the direction and here we are!



What artist or creative do you follow and feel everyone should get to know and why?
His name is Mathiole and he is from Brazil. I stumbled upon his work through a t-shirt contest and then started to follow him. I admire his versatility - he’s good at traditional and digital painting. Above all, his creative composition is beyond anything I’ve ever seen and his concepts are exceptional which gives him an edge.

Artists always seem to be learning and evolving throughout their careers. What styles or formats are you experimenting with now as more digital art such as 3D and AR begins to expand?
These are a little beyond my capabilities right now, but probably animation. I would love to see my work in motion.

What’s your favorite creative trick or tool that you feel gives more nuance or impact to your artwork?
I call it a “bold striking factor”. If you ask artists, many of us struggle with personal style and it takes years to develop. For me, I like breaking things apart to give a whole new meaning to an image. My work is detailed, but not noisy. Bold, but not too complex with deep surrealism, but still easy to understand and of course has a little melodramatic vibe. I love the drama in art because it makes people talk about your work.

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What was the best advice or tip you ever received from a fellow artist or mentor and why?
My former boss told me, “You don’t need to be great in order to start. You need to get started in order to be great.” It’s true. The hardest thing is to start, but if you approach it as one drawing at a time you will hone your skills. Consistency is the key to Mastery no matter what the field. You don’t stop until you are satisfied and you do feel satisfied - keep exploring because that will help you grow.

Dale we couldn’t agree more. What are you, fellow Talenthouse community members,  going to start today?
Want to see more of Dale Lendl Romero’s work? Check out his Instagram, Talenthousewebsite and store.