Born in the United States and grew up in the Philippines, 29 year old web and graphic designer Joseph Christopher 'Pentasticarts' Catimbang is a master illustrator to say the least. This self-taught artist has over 10 years of graphic design and illustration experience and like many artists, works at a corporate company by day and takes on freelance projects as an artist by night. Following his true passion, Catimbang's abstract work depicts the metaphysical and the surreal. We caught up with Catimbang to learn more about him and his brilliant artwork.

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TH: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 
JC: My name is Joseph Christopher M. Catimbang; I'm 29 years old from Irvine, Calfornia and I'm a web/graphic designer and illustrator. I was born here in the U.S. but I grew up in the Philippines and came back here a couple of years ago to stay for good (mostly because of work). 



TH: How much planning goes into each of your works?
JC: My clients usually give me a lot of room to play with in my illustrations, that's the fun part of my work, having to do stuff based on what I think is right and what I think is best in regards of my drawings. In terms of planning, there are times that creative juices just pour like crazy. During the down times, that's when I have to create studies, make things up as I go, see if my illustrations will fit together as one. Creating studies before a project starts also serves as an exercise for my hand to loosen up, making it easier for me to remember what type of strokes and pressure to use on a specific part of the illustration. 



TH: What is your greatest source of inspiration?
JC: I get inspired easily. I am influenced and inspired by the uniqueness of the natural environment. I try to stimulate my viewer's emotions through my imagination when I am immersed in nature; whether by the simplicity of a single flower, or by an intricate illustration of things. I am intrigued by the fleeting balance between strength and fragility in nature and I try to create that tranquility and balance in my drawings. By illustrating life in a surreal way, I lead my viewers to pause and reflect. 



TH: Once you have finished a piece of art, what do you do?
JC: I try to create my own web traffic through my social media portals, trying to reach as many people as possible making it more possible for my online store and freelance business to thrive even more. I usually post completed projects, work in progress pictures and videos via twitter, instagram, facebook and in my website. I'm a single player in my small business, so any type of marketing really helps.



TH: Do you think that artists see the world differently than others?
JC: I believe that everyone has their own perspective on what the world around them looks like. And I think that everyone knows how to imagine and be creative in their own way, but only a few people know how to really express them through art.









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