Hailing from Bogotá, Colombia, artist Gustavo Córdoba Del Castillo caught the attention of Bombay Sapphire when he submitted to the ‘Stir Creativity’ Creative Brief and was chosen as one of the seven Selected Creators. Inspired by the beautiful and iconic blue Bombay Sapphire bottle artists all over the world participated and submitted over 1,100 art pieces. Gustavo's design depicted the famous bottle through the strokes of a paint brush in an expressionist style. As a Selected Creator, Gustavo was compensated and had his artwork featured on billboards across the world! We caught up with the talented artist to ask him about his creative process, artistic style and about his Bombay Sapphire artwork.   



TH: How would you describe your artistic style?
The truth is that I still don't define my own artistic style, it's very difficult. I worked always as an art director of advertising and I adapt to the visual language of the brands I have handled. But I have not developed my own style, I get carried away by what I like or it catches my attention as to make my work stand out. 

TH: Tell us a bit about the artwork you submitted to the Bombay Sapphire brief and your inspiration for the piece?
GC: The inspiration for this design came from the art, principally of the expressionism that it's an artistic style where the artist expresses his feeling with a brush. This proposal expresses expressionism and creativity by cancelling the bottle and only keep the lid and the label to demonstrate in an abstract way everything you can create with Bombay Sapphire.
I tried to do in an expressionist way what makes me drink a Gin & Tonic. I immerse myself in the taste and relax.

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TH: What does creativity mean to you, and why is it important for brands like Bombay Sapphire to encourage this and create platforms for artists?
Creativity is everything, it is the lifestyle I chose. I wanted to enjoy my work and brands like Bombay Sapphire and Talenthouse, make it possible to earn money doing what you like and that is priceless. Thanks to these brands I will soon fulfill my dream of visiting Europe. This type of creative challenges makes us all win, the platform, the creatives and above all the brands, which get fresh content and ideas from creative people around the world.

TH: How does it feel knowing Bombay Sapphire featured your artwork on massive billboards around the world?
 I feel amazing!
I remembered the feeling of seeing my work for the first time on the street and telling my mom, look mommy I did that ad, I am succeeding! (It's a phrase widely used in-jokes in Colombia). Remembering that sensation but projected internationally makes you proud of yourself and your work. It helps to clear up the doubts and fears that each creative challenge generates every day.

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TH: What is your creative process like?
First I read the brief in detail, to know what I can and what I cannot do. Then I think about what I could do for several days. Then I look for references as inspiration, I draw some pencil sketches. Finally, when I have everything structured in my head, I dedicate myself to capture it on the computer and while I do it I can think of more things, such as removing the bottle of the product that I must announce. 

TH: If you could have an hour to talk with anyone from the past, who would that be and why?
GC: I would talk to Salvador Dalí. I would like to know more about his way of thinking before capturing his works, how he defined details such as melting clocks, why on trees without leaves, anyway. I think I would ask too many questions because I think there were too many thoughts in a single work. 

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TH: What would you say to fellow creators out there looking to further their career in the creative space?
I would tell them not to stop experimenting. Your boss will always make your designs similar to their perception of esthetics, but art and beauty are subjective. Try to learn and combine things to achieve fantastic results, develop criteria and make the world admire your perception of esthetics.

To see more of Gustavo's work, check out his Talenthouse profile.