Renowned TV presenter, model, and radio host Emma Willis’ resume is as impressive as it is vast. Emma is working with Gillette Venus to encourage women to “Use Your And” that is, to celebrate all the many different and unexpected sides that make us all unique and extraordinary! Emma took some time out of her hectic schedule to let us in on what makes her feel powerful and who she looks up to the most.


TH: What is your “and” ?
EW: I’m a mum, a presenter, a wife and a thrill seeker/want to be adventurer.

TH: What makes you most confident about yourself?
My age has definitely given me confidence, I worry less about unimportant things in life. It gives you such a great perspective on what really matters.

TH: What makes you feel strong and powerful? 
My family, they are such a strong foundation and base for me. They always put things into perspective.

TH: What's one thing you wish you had known in the beginning of your career and why? 
That it takes time. I always used to ask myself “why isn’t this happening?” and now I realize it just takes time. You need to have patience and learn along the way then hopefully you will achieve your dreams – you can’t run before you can walk!” 

TH: Who are some of your favorite fashion icons? 
Victoria Beckham and Gwen Stefani are my two absolute style icons. They ALWAYS look good, I love to wear Victoria Beckham dresses-the colours and fit are just amazing.”

TH: Who is a woman you admire? 
My mum is my biggest inspiration – she is just so awesome. She raised us so well, being incredibly supportive whilst also ensuring we were kept on a tight leash. In terms of women whose style I admire, it has to be Helen Mirren for her hair and Ellie Goulding for her body – she is so fit and toned it’s so impressive.

TH: What woman would you love to interview that you haven't yet?
Taylor Swift who is good friends with Ellie (Goulding), they are both so much fun - so would be good to interview. Cameron Diaz has the same vibe.

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