Artists and photographers are currently invited to submit striking photography that showcases the iconic Haig Club Clubman bottle in a unique and premium drinking occasion. With key insights, Haig Club Global Marketing Manager, D-J Hageman knows the Haig Club Clubman bottle and brand inside-and-out like no one else. From highlighting the bottle at a causal party or depicting its vibrant color at a bar, have a look this exclusive interview with Hageman that includes pointers on how to respond to the #HaigClubArt Creative Invite.


TH: What are you looking for in the Haig Club visual art submissions?
We have two fantastic opportunities for people to get involved:
We are looking for photographs or other creative submissions that really make the Clubman bottle an object of desire. We take inspiration from the fragrance world, and look to find ways to make people fall in love with our stylish and stunning blue bottle. In a world of boring whisky bottles, the Clubman stands out with its bright blue glass, the white graphic lettering and the shiny copper top – it is a bottle that you would be proud to showcase on your bar and this is what we want to show.
We want people to bring to life the drinking occasion using our long mixed serve: the Clubman and Cola. We want to see where you think you could enjoy the perfect Clubman and Cola – in a busy bar, on a beautiful rooftop, or at home at a casual dinner party with your friends. The Clubman and Cola is the perfect drink when you are starting a great night out with your friends.


TH: What advice would you give to visual artists before they start working on their submissions?
DH: Our brand is very premium and stylish, we take our inspiration from the world of fashion and fragrance, and everything that we do is of the highest quality. Our brand stands for: being cool, stylish, trend setting, but always gracious and welcoming. We are not: silly, flashy or the centre of attention.

TH: What would be something that captures your eye when you see a visual art piece?
DH: The quality of the piece of work – I like things that really WOW me and surprise me. That it is distinctive, it captures my attention and makes me go for a second look and has a point of view.


TH: In what ways do you imagine the ideal interpretation of this brief?
DH: I always look at a piece of content and think – did that make want to go out and buy the bottle? Does it really hero the bottle and make you covet it. 

Hurry time's running out! Check out the Haig Club Clubman Bottle Creative Invite for more details and the mood board for inspiration!