If you haven’t seen the amazing artistry created by your Talenthouse peers for Coca-Cola’s Resolutions brief, then now is your chance. We sat down with the selected artists to talk about their inspiration, backgrounds and the artists they think we should all know and follow.


 Danii Pollehn

Danii Pollehn.png

Danii Pollehn graduated with a degree in Fashion Design, but soon discovered her love for illustration. She ran with her passion and soon began creating paintings, traditional and digital illustration all incorporating her love for botanical and female centric imagery mixed with bold colors and a sense of freedom.  Working predominantly on editorial and lifestyle commissions Danii’s distinctive illustrations can be applied to any number of commissions from branding, packaging and advertising campaigns. 
When asked about her inspiration for the Coca-Cola brief she said “I felt inspired right away and I submitted the idea that felt strongest and came straight into my mind. Last year has been such a difficult one but also I have been growing a lot on a personal level. I never asked for help much but giving the circumstances and what happened to all of us I started to feel overwhelmed and more alone every day. A few weeks in I talked to a friend and eventually asked for help. Asking for her opinion and support made me feel so much stronger. We don’t always have to be strong on our own but can ask for help and grow together as a person but also as a community!”
The artists that inspire her range from Gaugin and Matisse to Alex Gardner and Tschabalala Self.



Tadé Tangou Brice aka Ted Ulty

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Tadé Tangou Brice, also known as Ted Ulty, is 22 years old architecture student at National Advanced School of Public Works. in Yaoundé, Cameroon. Passionate about drawing since he was little, he entered and won his first junior level drawing competition during my first year in college. He would repeat his victory for the next three years which motivated him to continue to develop his art. While studying architecture, he continued to excel winning silver (2018) and bronze (2019) medals in drawing. The Coca-Cola Resolutions brief was the first brief he participated in on Talenthouse (an impressive start!).
When asked why he decided to participate in the brief, Ted mentioned that he lacks patience and often regrets what he missed. To him “the artwork reminds us that patience is essential in any project or any business. So this is a challenge that I set for myself… The idea was to translate clearly through artwork the sentence ‘I’m not the best at patience, but I’ll try’.”
He also added, “A brief launched by a big brand like Coca-Cola to illustrate resolutions is an exceptional opportunity to inspire a large audience through its art and imagination. This allows us to think about works that could reach a large number of people with different origins and cultures. It is an opportunity for me as an artist to constantly produce and to improve myself  professionally by creating from a point of view different from the usual one.” We couldn’t agree more with that sentiment.  

Try to be patient _final.jpg


Wynne Wang

headshot of wynne (1).jpgWynne Wang is a freelance illustrator now based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Wynne originally is from China and after receiving her degree, Wynne decided to pursue herMaster’s degree in Graphic Design in the United States. Currently Wynn is focused on developing a career specializing in illustration.
After reading the Coca-Cola creative brief, Wynee started to think about what this pandemic has changed the most in her life. “Cooking” was the first word that came to mind. Looking at it as a way to slow down and appreciate what he/she already has, Wynne says “I’m not the best at cooking but I’ll try.” Wynne hopes that his/her interpretation will inspire people to make any positive change from now on, no matter how small they are.
Wynne also expressed that “it is always exciting to work on briefs from brands like Coca-Cola. As I am still  exploring my illustration style, I think it is a great opportunity to practice my skills through practical projects. And the big platform may bring you greater recognition.”
The artist also suggested looking at the work of Paul Rand and Lisk Feng, a New-York based Chinese illustrator whose depictions of figures, enlighten her creation greatly.

cocacola #opentobetter resolution(Wynne Wang).jpg


Noemi Lalli

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At just 24, the Italian graphic designer and illustrator has a robust client and project list and can often be found collaborating with her peers. She is also a medieval calligrapher, craft paper artisan and 2D motion graphics lover who is continuing to learn and explore creative mediums.
Noemi’s main inspiration for the Coca-Cola Resolutions brief was the psychological path she began experiencing in 2019, which the artist says created a positive change in her life. She says, “I wanted to represent something deep and personal.
When talking further about the opportunity she added, “Briefs from brands like Coca-Cola represent the perfect opportunity to deal with something important and to be able to be part of something big - like sharing personal visions of reality with thousands of people around the world.
When she isn’t working, she looks to artists such as Lorenzo Mattotti, Elisa Seitzinger, Nicolò Canova and Elisa Talentino. She is also inspired by a young artist, Giulia Pintus and her illustration professor Candia Castellani.



Ana Jaks

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Ana Jaks is a freelance illustrator originally from the Isle of Man, currently residing in Bristol, England. Prior to launching a freelance career, Ana received a BA in Illustration at Falmouth University, and then an MA in Visual Communication at Bath Spa University. Since graduating, Ana has worked on a range of projects from editorial to mural painting, with her specialties lying in brand identity, advertising and packaging. Her client list includes Facebook, Bombay Sapphire, Nike and many more.
When discussing the brief, Ana expressed how much she missed her interacting with her friends. This sparked her desire to make her resolution both personal and achievable. She recalls,I know 2020 was the year of meetings via video calls, and quizzes, but somehow, I don't think I committed enough time to connecting with the people I love and miss a lot. So, my entry was really inspired by the concept of ‘togetherness’”.
When speaking about working as a freelancer, she said I think there are certain brands people always dream about getting to work with. I like these briefs because they're accessible and allow you to get your work in front of people in the industry that may not have seen your work otherwise.”
Ana also couldn’t help but share some of her favorite artists as of late, including Ello member Charlot Kristensen, Toadstoolcheeks, José Antonio Roda & Hye Jin Chung.