Dreamer, illustrator and Moxy New Orleans Selected Artist, Arianna León Uberti's artwork captures people's attention with bold colors and dark lines. Starting her artistic career only 4 years ago, Uberti's future is looking bright as she just finished a live art show at the Moxy Hotel New Orleans as the official Artist in Residence. Limited only by her imagination, Uberti wants to open up her own online shop and even write a children’s book! Making things happen with her all around positive attitude, we asked Uberti about her illustrations, inspirations and her experience at the Moxy Hotel New Orleans live art show. 


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TH: Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background? 
I'm 26, Venezuelan, from the garden city. I'm a dreamer, beliver in magic, with a lot of passion for nature and its forms. I spend the majority of my days teaching myself how to use mistakes as creative weapons that I use to create concepts, new shapes and unique creatures. 

TH: How does it feel to be a Selected Artist? 
AWESOME! It was unexpected but I dreamt with it since I submitted my artwork, so thats probably why I was selected. Believe me, dreams come true.

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TH: When did you start creating your designs? 
About 4 years ago. I was bored in my room and I started to draw on a piece of paper, then I posted it on Instagram and felt there was a lot of feedback from my friends. I decided to do it everyday and started to manufacture and sell products with my illustrations. I really love all my creations and make them with lots of love. 

TH: Can you tell us about your experience at MOXY New Orleans and the live art show?
 It was incredible! The people there were super kind and friendly. I got a lot of good feedback about my work. It was a super fun and important day for me. I'm in love with MOXY. All the employees are super friendly and the hotel is very simliar to my personality. I love it!


TH: Do you have any advice for other aspiring artists who want thier work to be seen and recognized? 
Follow your dreams, everything is possible if you really want it with your heart. Work hard and always be original, there is nothing more beautiful than to know that your creations are yours and nobody else's. 

TH: What inspires your designs? 
AU: I get my inspiration from closing my eyes, imagining fantastic and colorful worlds. I'm the kind of girl who belives that when the most simple thing becomes so common, that's the moment when we stop to see it, observe it and feel it. This is were I feel that magic exists, in the grooves of our skin, in the songs of birds every morning, in the moment when we start to dream. 


TH: What mediums do you use to create your designs? 
I use sharpie markers, paper and love! 

TH: What the ultimate goal for your artwork? 
AU: I want to start with my online shop again. I would love to create clothing and accessories (phonecases) and have them introduced into the United States. I also want to write a kids book. 





Learn more about Uberti on Instagram, etsy & Talenthouse.