Hailing from Spain, talented artist Ana Torralba Loyo started her art journey as a child by looking through magazines and illustrations that led to her current signature style. With a collage-like artistic style, Loyo became one of five people to be selected by Cadillac for the "LETTERS TO ANDY WARHOL" exhibit for her artwork inspired by Cadillac as the american dream. Talenthouse partnered with Cadillac to launch a Creative Invite and give artists in Europe the opportunity to create artwork inspired by Andy Warhol and Cadillac. As a Selected Artist, Loyo was flown out to Munich to exhibit her work at the Cadillac House in Munich and attend the "LETTERS TO ANDY WARHOL" exhibit that featured her work at the vernissage. Check out this exclusive interview with Anula Mixtura and the pictures of her work featured at the Munich exhibit event.   


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TH: Can you tell us a bit about yourself? What do you do?
AL: I'm Ana Torralba Loyo and was born in Santander, Spain in 1987. I later moved to Madrid where I joined the Faculty of Fine Arts. My interest for photography and video began to take shape in the University of Vigo, a period in which I worked with image, creating metaphors of everyday’s life. In my last year of University, I attended the Anotati Scholi Kalon Tehnon in Athens where I created illustrations and collages related to the theme of home life and the everyday. Nowadays my artworks focus around this same topic, focusing in the representation of formal and symbolical relationships between the subject, the object and the context, and realize murals in public spaces and prepare new exhibitions.
When I was a little girl I created a habit when waiting: browsing all sorts of magazines. Since there is a lot of waiting in life, I kept developing this habit until one day that compendium of randomly picked images in my mind finally allowed me to create a signature style, adopting a visual position closer to lowbrow or to pop surrealism. Illustrations, tattoos, comic books and concepts such as retro, publicity and kitsch are always part of my work. Surrounding the idea of home life and the everyday, I mix images as if it was a puzzle to create my own scenery of soft and evoking fantasy.

TH: What inspired your design for the Cadillac Creative Invite?
AL: My design is about universes created from daily and domestic scenes represented throught pop icons that everybody knows.
In my artwork, the Cadillac is one of these icons, the American dream. A parallel universe about the perfect lifestyle as in hollywood films. Remind us the fantastic films about freedom and wild lives.

pop life (1).jpg


TH: What 5 words would you use to describe Cadillac?
AL: Elegant, freedom, design, icon, influence.

TH: How was the “Letters To Andy Warhol” Exhibition event?
AL: The exhibition was amazing, an awesome experience I think for all the artists. Really enjoyed and the team was very attentive.



TH: Do you have any favorite artist that has inspired you?
AL: Eulalia Valldosera, she is a Spanish artist that works with domestic things in a very conceptual way. Robert Gober and Warhol have inspired me a lot as well.

TH: What did you do when you found out you were chosen as the Selected Artist?
AL: I checked my email several times because I couldn’t believe it. Then when I finally believed it, I went to celebrate it!! 

cadillac event015.jpg


TH: Do you have any other projects you are currently working on or planning on doing?
AL: I’m currently preparing a waste recycling project in Sri Lanka through art by new platform "Love your Village." And a new exhibition called "denatured," about how the people have detached themselves from their own nature. I’ll participate too in contemporary art fair of "Belvedere Di San Leucio" in Italy.

TH: If you could have an hour to talk with anyone from the past, who would that be? Why?
AL: I would make a dinner with Warhol, Bowie, Frida Kahlo, Da Vincci, El Bosco and Nina Simon. Really bizarre mix but it could be very interesting for a new collage. I can’t bring back just one.


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