Hailing from Spain, illustrator, painter and graphic designer Ana Torralba Loyo AKA Anula Mixtura was chosen as one of the Selected Artists for the Freiheit Berlin Creative Invitebe Berlin invited all artists and creatives from across the world to design thier visions of what freedom meant to Berlin and themselves. The selected designs were then used as part of a huge #FREIHEITBERLIN letter installation in front of Berlin’s main railway station. Each selected design wrapping a different letter in #FREIHEITBERLIN. Out of over 640 designs submitted, Loyo's design featuring graffiti in abandoned places became one of the selected. Six Talenthouse Artists were selected, with Loyo taking the letter "I" and the others by street art greats Die Dixons, Case Maclaim, El Bocho and Klebebande to name a few. Aside from having hundreds of people see her artwork in the #FREIHEITBERLIN installation, Loyo got a full page article in the Zitty Berlin weekly magazine. Check out this exclusive interview with the talented artist and pictures of the mural installation.




TH: Can you tell us about your experience being part of the Freiheit Berlin Art Installation Opening event? What was it like?
AL: I knew part of the team because we had coincided in another prize in Munich. I was very excited to see them again and always in happy moments like this as it’s also a professional recognition. The inauguration was very beautiful and fresh as the installation. My experience in Germany is always positive and enriching, people are super creative and kind. 

TH: What was your all time favorite part of the art installation opening in Berlin?
AL: The final part after the presentations, when people were more relaxed and I could meet the rest of the artists and talk to them, take pictures of each letter ... it was the most fun moment.



TH: What was the idea or concept behind the artwork you created? What were you inspired by?
AL: This idea is based on the series of photos I did in Berlin regarding the squatted spaces. The aesthetics of this design transmits the lawbreaker and freedom character of this city and its history; walls, graffiti, music, abandoned spaces, the passage of time, anarchy, concepts and influences expressed in this work of art. 



TH: What did you do when you found out you were chosen as a Selected Artist?
AL: When I found out about the ad, I was at a party with some friends, I suddenly felt much more encouraged.

TH: What 5 words would you use to describe freedom?
AL: Freedom is inspiration, creativity, authenticity, right, soul and truth.


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