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In the words of Ansel Adams – the great American photographer; 'You don’t take a photograph, you make it!'

This rings true with photographer Fabian Stuertz, who has captured some breath taking images, showcasing realism in everyday life.

The winner of our Creative Invite to photograph Roger Walters - specialises in capturing people and documentary. The German native has turned his hobby into a successful career. If striking, honest, and inspiring images are what capture your attention, then we suggest you take a look through his work. We caught up with Fabian to pick his brains, and highlighted some of our favourite Fabian Stuertz images.


TH: What is your favourite image you've captured and why?
Fabian: My favourite photograph ever? The one of Charles Bradley I won selected artist with!

Fabian's Winning Photograph

Charles is a great musician - it was one of his first shows in Germany and I was able to take some really personal photos.


TH: You specialise in photographing people- what qualities do you look for in a subject?
Fabian: I prefer real stuff - true moments - soul...


TH: Do you see photography as more of a hobby or a career?
Fabian: I’ve worked as a photographer for seven or eight years now- once it was a hobby and I could photograph anything I wanted- nowadays I tend to take photos that are expected of me.


TH: Whose work has influenced you most?
Fabian: I love the photos of James Nachtwey - he works as a war photographer. I prefer natural and authentic stuff - photography is a medium to show reality.


TH: Who gave you the best piece of advice you've ever received and what was it?
Fabian: A quote from a concert of Charles Walker, "whatever you do - do it with soul."


TH: Is there a unique location, event or person that you'd love to capture?
Fabian: The Rolling Stones!


TH: How would you use photography to change the world?
Fabian: Change is a big word but photography is a powerful tool- two eyes and one camera can make things visible for thousands of people.



To see more of Fabian's work, check out his Talenthouse profile.