When it comes to designing and creating logos Paul Schambach is your guy. This 22 year old known for his artistic name of Paul von Excite is a designer based in the heart of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Paul specializes in logo design, typography, branding, illustration, and web/UI designs.

The dark bold and sharp black colors contrasted with the white make the designs look machine made and printed, almost like a high end printer. Never would one guess they are hand drawn and colored in. His work is featured on a regular basis in design related publications and known for his Unify, FitForm, and Chaser designs. Paul is relatively new to designing logos, lettering and branding, although he has 7 years of graphic design experience.

It all started three years ago when Paul was invited to Dribbble and he started to upload his college work, and found other designers like Sean McCabe who makes a living out of typography and hand lettering. Wanting to do the same Paul started doing design and now gets over 20 requests a week. Congrats!



When asked what it takes to create these flawless logos Paul said, "Actually, not much is needed to create a logo design. I started with a few free IKEA pencils and some old “inked” pencils, used my phone as a scanner and vectorized it in what I currently still use: the almighty Adobe Illustrator. Nowadays I use professional pencils like the Steadler, Tombow, and Pilot (links)." He now spends many hours exploring all type related websites, print media, and practices everyday to discover and learn new ways of lettering. Paul is inspired by the works of Sean, Tyrsa, and many other great designers he finds on Dribbble, Behance, Pinterest and Instagram. With plenty of his own created logos, his favorite are "Chaser" and "Unify." His logos depict finesse and great technique with the use of his tools to create something that very few people and printers can replicate. 



It usually only takes Paul around 8-10 hours to create a logotype. This is including the exploration, reading briefing, sketching concepts, revisions, and vectorizing the final chosen concept. Paul went on to say that vectorizing was really underestimated and it takes a lot of time and expertise to do it.

In terms of aspirations, Paul wants to keep working on his logos and explore new possibilities in logo design, typography, and calligraphy. He would also like to expand his follower base and keep his clients happy and amazed.

Paul wanted to tell all aspiring designers to start creating profiles and uploading their work to design communities to get feedback. Once that's done you can start creating your portfolio with your best works to catch people's attention and possibly get your first clients. Paul said to keep updating your portfolio constantly with your best works and look at lots of typography and logotypes to learn from them.

Paul is well on his way to becoming one of the top typographers/logotypers with all his great works achieved through hard work practice and research. All artists, filmmakers, designers, musicians, and more can achieve their goals through lots of practice and hard work. Learn from your mistakes, keep moving forward, and all you creatives will get to the place you want. Get inspired and be creative!



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