Talenthouse has pioneered a way for artists to make money by giving them necessary tools to actively promote themselves and their artwork. These tools include our free digital marketing platform and innovative Sponsored Portfolios and Member Invites.

Having teamed up with Nokia and glacéau vitaminwater, Talenthouse is now funding creative start-ups and supporting creatives who are serious about making a living through art. Less than 1% of artists ever make a living through selling their artwork and we want to change that depressing statistic!

One artist from our fashion community recently had her portfolio sponsored by glacéau vitaminwater and struck gold! Literally…

dresmcevoy1.jpgTH: Where did you study?
Ali: I studied Fashion in Ireland at Limerick School of Art & Design.

TH: How does it feel to be part of the Talenthouse movement?
Ali: It's such an amazing opportunity! It feels great to be recognised by other creatives from Ireland and around the world. Talenthouse provides a platform for us to publicise our work. It gives us opportunities to work with global recognised brands that we would otherwise never have the chance to work with. It's also a great opportunity to work to a specific brief and get used to working for a client. This is priceless work experience!

They don’t babysit you anymore, they want a whole package nowdays!

TH: Tell us a bit about yourself…
I go through phases of colours; orange, grey and most recently burgundy. I love Sigur Ros and Van Morrison, when I'm working they help keep me at ease. This industry can be quite... Stressful!

I've just moved home since I finished my Degree so I now have to find a new place to work- but I might have found this with my course..

TH: Your course?
Ali: A few days ago I got a letter saying that I had been accepted for a part-scholarship to do a postgrad in tailoring. I think I'm going to do it! The scholarship was worth €2,000 and the full fee is over €9,000- so that's what I'll be doing for the next year! I was going to buy a MacBook Pro, but now my Talenthouse Sponsored Portfolio vitaminwater money is now going towards my fees. 

TH: We are pioneering a new way for artists to make money from making... Do you think it's working?
Ali: Yes, I do think it's working! It's certainly worked for me!! I myself have a part- time job to fund my projects. As a fashion design graduate, I would one day like to own my own label, I would like to learn as much as I can from other designers first and in order to this I must complete internships. Unfortunately interning is a costly practice for students and graduates.


TH: Did you know that only 1% of artists ever make a living by selling their work? What would you have expected that figure to be?
Ali: That's a scary statistic! I really have no idea, probably about that, from my experience! Talenthouse's new sponsorship program is a huge step forward. It not only gives you the opportunity to get sponsored by major brands but the publicity is the real prize. Now I've left school, I don’t even have Photoshop on my computer because it’s SO expensive! Sponsorship money helps us designers buy equipment to benefit future careers.

TH: Are there any other projects you’ve been working on? How are you bracing yourself for the next chapter?
Ali: I've just started a t-shirt company with my younger brother, Rory. So far we have two designs. We've taken inspiration from my textile degree research, using domestic silicone as a tactile feature on the printed t-shirts. These will be available to buy soon!

I’ve started looking into a professional shoot for my degree collection, as I don’t have the perfect shots for my portfolio yet. I approached fashion photographer Agata Stoinska who is based in Dublin so I hope to co-promote these images when they are finished. I'd love to get them into a few magazines like i-D or Dazed. Anything would be fantastic!

TH: What has your sponsored experience been like- laborious, fun, none of the above?
Ali: It's just so new and exciting. People who don't yet know about Talenthouse are going to find it so interesting! I was told about it in college and set-up a Talenthouse profile long before sponsorship even existed!

When I got an email telling me that if I updated my profile I could have it sponsored and earn money, I put some work on there and thought, I’ll see what happens… Next email I was in the running to have my portfolio sponsored by glacéau vitaminwater and I got it! I put the feelers out there to lots of people and witnessed my cash pool and confidence rise!



TH: You reached an incredible number people with your work!! Which begs the question- what was your secret?
Ali: I created a profile and uploaded ALL of my work and collections. I started reaching out to my idols such as Susie Bubble, various photographers, Cara Delevingne in an attempt to tap into their pre-existing audience. I figured these were the kind of people who might enjoy my clothes. I wanted my audience to be the kind of people I hoped to one day see wearing or shooting my clothes. If the right person sees something they like, you never know where that could take you.

TH: You must have been proactive in promoting yourself and your work! Fair statement?
Ali: Completely fair- if I didn’t update my profile on here and be given this opportunity, safe to say I would be less well off! I felt empowered!

TH: What did it mean to you to be sponsored by glacéau vitaminwater?
Ali: glacéau vitaminwater were actually sponsors for all drinks backstage at London Fashion Week. Everyone loved them because they have a natural affiliation with fashion and the colours are so much fun!

Without Talenthouse I wouldn’t have been able to be sponsored; I wouldn’t have known where to go. It was definitely more pleasurable creating things knowing they were going somewhere.


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