Back in September, we hosted one of our favorite livestream events of the year in partnership with Snapchat and Ben Knutson! We walked through the ins and outs of Lens Studio in an hour and half long townhall with Ben, creating several different projects in Lens Studio live.
Did you miss out? Good thing we recorded it all for you! We're back with the second part of the Snapchat Townhall with OLC Ben Knutson below.
We're picking up right where we left off from last week, so if you haven't seen it yet, make sure to watch the first episode on Talenthouse Magazine and the second episode here!

Ben Knutson, one of the first Official Lens Creators (OLC) for Snapchat’s Lens Studio, also sat down with us to talk about his passion for Augmented Reality on Talenthouse Magazine earlier this year. Get to know him a little better through our interview with Ben on Talenthouse Magazine!
Interested in learning more about Lens Studio? Stick around for the next episodes of our newest AR tutorial series with Ben Knutson in the coming weeks!