Meet Richard Stanley; Director, Head of Marketing and Creative Services at Yahoo.  Here to give his insights into our current Yahoo Aviate Creative Invites for designers and filmmakers.  We hope his responses inspire you to start creating!
TH: What are you looking for in these film and design campaign submissions?
Richard: Yahoo Aviate is an application for Android that simplifies and beautifies your experience with the device, as well as making sure the apps you need are presented to you right when you need them. We're looking for creative expressions of that moment of 'wow' when people who start to use Yahoo Aviate have that moment of serendipity when they realize how it really has changed the way they interact with their device.
TH: What advice would you give to filmmakers / designers before they start working on their submissions?
Richard: If they have an Android device, I'd recommend downloading and installing Yahoo Aviate. At first, enjoy the simplified and beautiful experience, then as Aviate gets to know you and how you use your device across a day, see how it can make your device experience more wow every day. If you don't own and Android device, pester a friend and use their experience as your source of inspiration.
TH: What would be something that captures your eye when you see a film or design piece?
Richard: Simplicity always catches my eye. When complex ideas or situations can be conveyed in their simplest and purest form, when the creator has understood the moment and how the intended audience is likely to react, that always stands out. 
TH: What is one of your favorite parts of the app, that should definitely be reflected somehow in the submissions?
Richard: We've challenged the Talenthouse creative community with a couple of briefs based on Yahoo Aviate's key product features - beautiful, simple. Stick to expressing those and you'll be well on the way to a submission that we're compelled to debate long and hard.
TH: As your expertise is in marketing, do you have any tips for designers and filmmakers to make their projects more marketable in general?
Richard: Marketers are always focused on understanding and finding answers to consumer needs, then communicating those answers. Take some time to think about how we all enjoy technology, but more importantly the interface and the resulting experience of using that technology. It's the creation of simple, beautiful experiences with technology that Yahoo Aviate and other Yahoo mobile apps are really focused on to meet consumer need from the amazing devices we always have with us. Having that focus in your work will immediately make it more marketable.
TH: What advice would you offer creatives to market themselves and their services to appeal to large organizations like Yahoo?
Richard: We receive a lot of CVs, creative and new business pitches from individuals and businesses in the creative sphere. What always stands out is a submission of any of these types that has taken the time to understand the business opportunities Yahoo might be working on. These submissions are the ones that impress because they demonstrate the power of creative thought meeting business need.
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