Drones are like children: really, really irritating unless they're your own. However, unlike other people's noisy offspring, drones can sometimes make up for their irksomeness by providing staggering aerial views, important security information, and beautiful photography.

The Drone Photography Awards 2021 truly showcase the best in drone photography; from being submerged in a flock of flying geese to soaring over stadiums and cruising above cityscapes, it's an angle of the world previously impossible to see (unless you're a billionaire flying to space for fun, of course).

The winning photograph, below, shows thousands of geese heading off from central Norway to their breeding grounds on Svalbard in the Arctic.

Pink-Footed Geese Meeting the Winter
by Terje Kolaas


Below are a few of Talenthouse's favourite submissions and finalists from the awards. You can see the full gallery here, and if you're a photographer yourself then why not submit your images of positive global change to our Reckitt campaign.

Planet Marina
by Aravind Appadurai Kannan


City In the Sky

Hugo Healy photographed the mist in downtown Dubai, created by the dawn change from cold nights into warm mornings.


Passaggio Sospeso
by Paolo Crocetta

The Vaccanonesa is a little train connecting Trento with the villages of Val di Non and Val di Sole, in Trentino. During its ride through the apple orchards, the train takes this staggering route over a 150m high gorge. 


Baby flamingos
by Seyit Konyalı

Feeding on a salt lake. drone-photography-awards-2021-flamingos.jpg

Point of no return
by Joao Galamba

A casual 13m long whale gets stuck in a sandbank after mistakenly swimming down a river estuary in Averio. Fishermen an authorities tried to save it, but alas the sandbank proved fatal for the whale.


One Shot
by Lampson Karmin Yip

Hong Kong Basketball player Hui Huen Hang Hyman practicing his shoot during Siu Hei Sports ground opening event on July 4, 2020.


Two Dragons Celebrate Festival
by Ming Li

Two dragon dance teams pray together inside a tulou - a 700 year old curved building, several storeys high, that faces into an inner courtyard. This was taken during the Spring Festival in Nanjing, China.


Circle of Life
by Sean Thomas

Slightly sombre name to depict an image of a huge wave crashing on the shore, and a bunch of people nearly being dragged back with it. 

Beach Season
by Alexandr Vlassyuk

"I took this pictur in February 2021, on ice hummocks at the Kapchagai reservoir in the Almaty region. The air temperature on that day was -10 degrees Celcius; for our region and season it could be said warm, and so, without waiting for summer, we decided to open the beach season!"


Cascate del Mulino
by Christian Gatti

An aerial view of people enjoying some warm thermal pools in Italy.


Floating People
by Raf Willems

A floating audience wafting around in water watching a floating concert on a floating stage in Las Vegas.


Melting Ice Cap
by Florian Ledoux

In summer 2020, the Svalbard archipelago recorded an air temperature of 21.7 degrees Celsius - the highest for the area since meteorlogical records began. This picture shows the fresh water melting and falling from the ice cap and into the sea water. 


The Eye of the Volcano
by Bjorn Kristjansson 


Wild Night in the Adriatic
by Miroslav Zadravec

A striking storm on Hvar Island in Croatia.drone-photography-awards-2021-thunder-lightning-storm.jpg