Header Artwork by Zack RosebrughKelly WardDenton Burrows   

For nearly a decade, the iconic brewery, Pabst Blue Ribbon has been supporting local artists. This year marks the 8th anniversary of their Art Can project, where they ask artists from the United States to put their own creative spin on the iconic PBR cans.
This is no joke - the Selected Creator receives $10,000! To date, featured artists' work have appeared on over 300 million PBR cans and have become somewhat of a cult phenomenon, with people actively collecting them from artist’s such as MCMONSTER, Gaijin, Josh Holland and Zack Rosebrugh to name a few.

Pabst Blue Ribbon Winners.pngArt by GaijinMCMONSTER, Josh Holland 

This isn’t the only way Pabst has supported the creative community, this year with the art industry facing estimated losses of $3.5B, the brewer commissioned 1,000 acts of creativity from design, animation and drawing to comedy, directing and more.
Ultimately the goal is to allow creators to do what they do best - create and inspire others. And, let’s be honest a $10,000 commission sounds pretty good. If you are over 21, you better hurry, though, the PBR Art Can Contest is only taking submissions until January 1st, 11:00pm PT.