How can creatives share the impacts of climate change and the need to take care of people worldwide? Hear more about this topic from sustainability consultants, The Bulb.

With the world suffering from climate change impacts daily, from droughts to fire, flooding to displaced communities, from war to a growing refugee population, the need for community is more significant than ever. There can be no true sustainability on the planet unless we take care of all the people on it. But of course, this is easier said than done.

It is so common to feel despair and wonder to yourself as a creative – how can I as one person do something about what is happening around the world? How can I share the impacts of climate change and the need to take care of people worldwide? Take a step back and look around you. Find the people who are already doing the work – and support them by sharing their stories. Moments are shared by storytellers, capturing a moment in time with a photograph, telling the story through a video, or creating artwork to honor the community coming together to move forward. In the aftermath of tough times, there will always be people stepping up to do something good for people and the planet.


One example of an initiative connecting people with community influence is Worldwide Fund for Nature, more commonly known as WWF. Founded in 1961, it works in fields of wilderness preservation and reducing human impact on the planet. It believes that the most effective way to preserve the world is by working in collaboration with Indigenous people and local communities. They work on a global level on projects that benefit local communities, such as a community homestay initiative in Dalla, Nepal, that is designed to allow visitors to be able to appreciate the biodiversity and culture of the region and provide the community with a source of income. It is currently being adapted to become Covid-safe in preparation for the return of tourism. WWF also works with corporations to create sustainable initiatives that help restore nature, innovate for a more sustainable future and address the water crisis and challenging food systems.

While not everyone can travel to Nepal to capture the stories of communities positively impacted by sustainable tourism initiatives, creatives can look to their local communities and discover enterprises. Are there community gardens teaching locals how to grow and care for plants and vegetables? Is there a community center that puts on events to reach out to residents of all ages? Are there neighbors who look out for each other like family? These stories exist in every community, and as a creative, you are encouraged to go and find them to share. The story you tell may inspire someone to do something positive for their community.

Another initiative that has been prioritizing people since its creation is World Central Kitchen. It has been feeding communities in post-disaster areas since the 2010 Haiti earthquake. The non-profit founded by Chef Jose Andreas and his wife Patricia originated to use food to empower communities and strengthen economies. They aimed to have culinary training programs and social enterprise ventures but took on the challenge of feeding communities in need. Today, they have teams working with local communities to organize logistics, set up field kitchens, coordinate outreach to communities, deliver food to hard-to-reach areas, and more. They have influenced people across five continents and organized community roots by creating food resilience in the face of future disasters.

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Each area the World Central Kitchen visits uses a hashtag to share the stories told through communities. The current one is #ChefsForAfghan, where they partnered with local restaurants to feed refugee arrivals at airports. 

Those stories cannot be told without a creative voice to document the journey. Those moments are caught in time and shared with the world with photographs, videos, art, or written stories. We would love to see your work highlighting positive initiatives taking care of communities and people on the planet. Are you ready to share your work with us? Get started through this new creative brief in partnership with Reckitt.