Web 3 isn't going anywhere, and while the word 'metaverse' leaves some of us scared and confused, its expansion is actually going to be SO helpful to creative types of all kinds. 

Not only can you earn actual cash money on a blockchain where you might not have been able to before, there’s a whole heap of job opportunities popping up left, right, and centre. 

Let’s take a gander at the big meta jobs board….

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Image by Ello Creative, Alan Tolentino

1. NFT Designer

Think you can do better than that stupid ape? NFT designers blend illustration, motion graphics and architecture building to generate stunning digital collectible art. If you’re obsessed with visual trends and  have experience in concept art or visual development for games or animation, this could be your ideal role.    

Skills required

  • Experience with Lightroom, Photoshop, Piskel or similar software
  • Understanding of latest trends in a commercial context
  • Experience in form design, sketching and composition, and strong understanding of texture, lighting and colours. 
  • Experience with 3D pipeline with Autodesk Maya, 3Ds Max, Zbrush, C4D, Blender, MagicaVoxel, or Voxedit.
Image by Ello Creative, Davy Evans

2. 3D Modeller 

Do you look at a sketch or a piece of concept art and just *know* how to bring it to life in 3D? More importantly, can you execute those designs in glorious multimedia? 3D Modellers create avatars, props, or background scenery for a variety of creative projects, including NFTs. 

Skills required:

  • Strong artistic capabilities with colour theory, illustration and rendering.
  • Knowledge of old and new computer programs.
  • Strong organisational skills to work on multiple projects at once.
  • Flexibility and stamina to keep up with the latest industry standards and computer programmes.
Images by Ello Creative, Wallen Diaz

3. Virtual fashion designer

Computer geekery, but make it FASHION. If you’re a talented illustrator and concept artist with a wardrobe that’s bursting at the hinges, this could be the role for you. We spoke to a virtual fashion designer about their work, here, if you're curious. Digital clothes design roles range from designing skins and wearables within games or avatar-based apps, to creating high-end NFTs for your favourite luxury brand. Trés chic. 

Skills required:

  • Proficiency in 3D execution, with knowledge of modelling, lighting shading and UV mapping.
  • Skilled in software such as Cinema 4D and Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Strong design and composition skills, with a flare for colour, typography and image making. 
  • Passion for latest trends in fashion and new technology. 
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Images by Ello Creative, Blake Kathryn

4. Metaverse game designer 

Game designers are expanding and developing new, multifaceted experiences in the metaverse - boss fights, quests, combat spaces… you name it, you could be designing it.  

Skills required: 

  • Passion for gaming and an understanding of the different hardware platforms available. 
  • Familiarisation with a range of programming languages and packages such as C++ and Python.
  • Scripting and design capabilities using software like Blueprint Visual Scripting within Unreal Engine 4.
  • Mathematical and analytical understanding. 
Image by Ello Creative, Electric Blancmange

5. Metaverse community managers

The metaverse can bring together thousands of people in an instant, and anyone who’s been on Twitter in the last…well, ever, knows that things can get a bit spicy in virtual spaces. If you’re an excellent communicator with top-notch people skills, that’s where you could come in. Community managers liaise between creators, consumers and brands across the Metaverse to help things run smoothly and safely. 

Skills required:

  • Experience building successful social media platforms and building relationships with communities.
  • Experience building, implementing and managing a communications calendar, then reporting on related performance metrics. 
  • Excellent written communication skills to craft authentic communications that effectively manage expectations. 
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Images by Ello Creative, Render Fruit

6. Metaverse product designer

If you've got strong UX/UI design skills, why not bring them to the virtual world? You could be accountable for the visual experience someone has when they journey through a virtual product, or run the design and user experience of some key features of the Web3 world. You could be researching, designing and prototyping new features that have never existed before, which sounds pretty cool.

Skills required:

  • Experience designing augmented or virtual products
  • UX / UI design, with experience building end-to-end flows
  • Figma and Adobe Suite proficiency
  • Experience of prototyping tools and Unity


Where to find creative jobs in the Metaverse

You can find listings for job in the Metaverse in some of the most popular recruitment agencies, like Reed or Indeed. LinkedIn is a valuable source too, so keep your profile up-to-date.    

You can find more specialised roles from these sources: 

The Metaverse JobsBlvck PixelCrypto jobs listweb3.career/nft-jobsnftgigs 

In the meantime…

If you haven’t found your dream job yet and are looking for an opportunity to build up your portfolio, check out our creative briefs and submit now

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