Get inspired to submit your biggest artwork ever and watch it sail the globe on MSC Euribia's hull.

The Sea Water

For as long as humans have walked this Earth, we have been fascinated and enchanted by water and the sea. It sustains us, relaxes us, and leaves us in awe of its greatness. A rainbow of blues and greens, the sea is a veritable palette with as many varying shades and tones as there are stars in the sky. The way the water reflects its surroundings inspires moments of introspection, the sensation of being connected with Mother Earth, and the very moment we’re living in.


Explorers & Navigators

Bravery comes in many forms but for us, the idea of diving headfirst into the unknown is wildly captivating. The most famous navigators left all they knew behind for a dream; a dream that they could make unimaginable discoveries and change the course of human history. Imagine it being just you, the open sea, and natural elements to guide you. In which direction will you sail first?


Modern everyday heroes

Everyone has seen that heart-wrenching video of the sea turtle that was rescued by fishermen, only to have an entire plastic straw removed from its nose. The fishermen helped to restore its normal breathing, and likely saved the turtle’s life. Anyone can be an everyday hero, but we all need to inspire understanding and recognize the fact that we have but one planet and we all need each other - from the smallest microbe to the biggest blue whale.

Coral Reefs

Coral reefs teem with life, and while they cover less than 1% of the ocean floor, they actually support about 25% of all marine life. These colorful underwater metropolises can be found in tropical waters throughout the world, generally close to the surface where the sun's rays can reach the algae. Their survival is crucial to the survival of all life on our planet, making reefs one of the most inspiring supporters of life.



Did you know that scientists have discovered jellyfish fossils in rocks believed to be more than 500 million years old? That makes them even older than dinosaurs! These hauntingly enchanting creatures don’t have brains, a heart or lungs yet have miraculously survived the test of time in ways that we are still just beginning to understand. While their beauty is venomous from up close, they are a mystical sight to behold from afar.

Marine Flora and Fauna

These other-worldly creatures are the things of dreams which contribute to the rich biodiversity of all marine ecosystems, as well as to the continued existence of human life on Earth -  Check them out below.