Want to have your artwork seen by thousands across the world? 

If so, read more about our latest Creative Invite with Microsoft Lumia to have your work featured as part of the #TileArt app gallery and receive $1,500.  

"We’re looking for bold, intelligent and exciting designs that completely transform what Lumia phones could look like. Anything goes, stylistically – from paint, pencil and comic book art through to tattoo designs and cardboard cut outs."– Ricc Webb, Microsoft Mobile


‘Live Tiles’ are dynamic squares on Lumia phones that represent apps and update automatically in real time. These are customizable squares on the phones home screen that can be resized and moved around to your liking. This allows for montages to be created and with Microsoft's newly released #TileArt app, people will be able to get their favorite images and pin them to their home screen creating a true personalized phone.  



In the first round, artists must use the template provided to show how their artwork could look like on a Lumia phone. Running with a continuous theme or design throughout the submission, artists can create new artwork or use artwork created previously.

10 finalists will be chosen from the first round to advance into the second round.  

In the Second Round these 10 artists be asked to create a new set of complementary images to accompany their artwork from round one. Each artist in this round will receive a Lumia 930 (or Icon) phone to upload their images into the #TileArt app.

At the end of the second round, four artists with completely different designs, ideas and styles that resonate with the variety of Lumia owners will be selected by Microsoft and judges to have their images featured in the #TileArt app gallery where thousands of people will be able to download and admire the artwork on their Lumia phones. 



Additionally, the final four Selected Artists picked by Microsoft and their judges will receive a digital art kit including a Surface Pro 3 and $1,500 cash.

Be sure to read the guidelines, the round instructions and submit by February 24th, 2015 at 10:00 AM PST for round one. 

Don't miss out on this great opportunity