Right, in time for the holiday season, Coca-Cola is inspiring us all with their latest creative brief “Open to Better”. This concept incorporates 5 positive resolutions that artists are encouraged to bring to life using their local and cultural points of view. 

The resolutions to capture in your artwork:

    • I will never take my friends for granted
    • This year, distance won’t get us down
    • What better time for us to start over than now?
    • I promise to listen more, just for you?
    • I will never take us for granted
    • Or create one of your own!


Coke WEBU Open To Better_Core On Pack_3 Can_48sheet_3789 (1).jpg


As an artist, this brief is about visualizing meaningful, personal and positive commitments that inspire positive change to make a better future. We invite you to show us what one or all of these resolutions mean to you through your dynamic artwork and tell us why with a 100 word description outlining your hopes for the future.

Ready to get started? 

Submissions for the Coca-Cola Creative Brief close on January 4 2020 at 5 pm London local time. Hurry, don't miss out!