The climate crisis is real, and it’s time to turn awareness into action. We’ve joined forces with Arts Help, and we want your creative work - photography, illustration, interactive effects, tunes, poems, sculptures - anything! – to help drive the message home. We're also partnering with them to give out $3.5 million in funding to creatives who wish to create work addressing climate change.

If you’re stuck for some ideas, here are a few climate change facts that might inspire your work. 

1. More than 1 million species are at risk of extinction due to climate change 

Some extinction is natural – we probably lose about five species of plants and animals per year.  However some experts suggest that a human-caused mass extinction is responsible for the loss of dozens of species every single day – that’s almost 1000 times the natural rate of extinction. 

2. The populations who contribute the least to global emissions will actually suffer the most. 

The entire continent of Africa only contributes 2-3 per cent of the world’s global emissions. However, its inhabitants are disproportionately affected by the devastating impact of global warming, including food and water insecurity, and an increase in insect-borne diseases such as yellow fever.

Image by Talenthouse Creative Sergio Lacueva

Which leads us to Fact Three… 

3. Global warming spreads infectious diseases 

Global warming is good news for bugs that like to bite. Over the last 20 years invasive mosquitos have become widely established across Europe, leading to increased outbreaks of malaria, dengue fever, and lyme disease. 

4. Beer could get very expensive 

Extreme drought and heat caused by climate change could lead to dramatically reduced supplies of barley, the main ingredient in your favourite pint. Worldwide supplies could drop by up to 17%, which could results in a price hike of up to 100%. Ouch. 


5. The top three greenhouse gas emitting nations contribute 16 times the emissions of the bottom 100

The top three greenhouse gas emitters — China, the European Union and the United States — contribute 41.5% of total global emissions, while the bottom 100 countries only account for 3.6%.

But there’s still hope! Here’s some good news. 

Shell has been court-ordered to cut carbon emissions by 45% by 2030
In a thrilling landmark victory for the planet, The (actual!) Hague ordered Royal Dutch Shell  to cut its net carbon emissions almost in half by 2030. This is the first lawsuit won against a multinational corporation, and could lead to further action against oil companies.  

Greenland has officially stopped all new oil and gas exploration 
In spite of being thought to have significant deposits of undiscovered oil, the government of Greenland has banned further exploration because “the price of oil extraction is too high”.  

Coral bounces back
The Great Barrier Reef has been decimated by global warming, with 70% of its coral being lost in some areas. However, the 30% remaining coral that survived produced more coral that’s thought to be twice as tolerant to heat. Corals can adapt and overcome climate change, and pass on those strategies to its offspring. Cool! 

Sustainable technology and blockchains are being prioritised
Arts Help even have a Conscious Crypto Creator course that you can take to educate yourself about how to use blockchain and cryptocurrency in a sustainable way.

Find more inspiration and download other brief materials here. Good luck – your planet needs you!