After the huge success of filmmaker Shane Meadows' 2006 hit This is England, Channel 4 released three more installments including This is England '86, This is England '88 and recently This is England '90. Airing the third and final installment this past week, the UK has been transported back in time to the 1990s with the help of 90s rave posters created by Talenthouse Artists. The epic final series has been a huge success and has been described by many as “the end of an era” (The Telegraph, UK). Take a look at the incredible posters below!

Channel 4 teamed up with Talenthouse artists to help create the nostalgic '90s world of yellow smileys, neon whistles and bucket hats. Designers and illustrators were invited to create ‘90s rave posters which were used to promote the series as well as being used in the actual show trailer. Both the quality and creative of the 566 submissions exceeded expectations and perfectly captured the DIY ‘90s rave aesthetic, with posters coming in from around the world including countries as far as Colombia, Brazil, India and Japan. Designers used ‘90s pixelated computer graphics, checkered backgrounds, Microsoft Word ’91 font art and of course.. lots and lots of yellow smileys!

 TIE 90 billboard and newspaper.jpg

Thank you to all the artists that submitted to this Creative Invite! Amazing work!