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Get Your Vector On: Top Sites For Free Vector Art
February 17, 2015, in Learning & Career
For graphic designers and visual artists, a great deal of productivity comes from the ability to understand Adobe Creative Suite. One of the most useful tools is the vector. Here is a list of great resources for some awesome vectors. Vector on.
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Exclusive Interview with #WomenMakeItHappen Judge Finbarr O'Reilly
February 12, 2015, in Creative Invites, and Learning & Career
Judging the Thomson Reuters Foundation and Microsoft #WomenMakeItHappen Creative Invite, award winning Reuters Photojournalist Finbarr O'Reilly tells Talenthouse what makes a "powerful" photograph and what he is looking for in submissions.
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15 Music Notation and Production Softwares to Kickstart Your Music Career
February 10, 2015, in Learning & Career
Sometimes humming your "perfect" song just isn't enough. Here are 15 music notation and production softwares to help the music fans that might have skipped music theory.
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Leading A Creative Business: Lessons From Eurythmics Co-founder Dave Stewart
January 23, 2015, in Learning & Career
Take a look at this amazing interview from Forbes about creative business with our Talenthouse Creative Director Dave Stewart!
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January 06, 2015, in Learning & Career
As an emerging music artist focusing your efforts online, building a strong and loyal fan base is the ‘secret sauce’ to success. Loyal fans purchase music, attend shows, evangelize your music and help you exponentially grow your fan base.
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The Possibilities of 3D Printing & The Arts
November 07, 2014, in Learning & Career
With new technologies arising, an array of artists are now starting to discover unlimited possibilities for art creation. 3D printers make an art process faster and easier. Artists from around the world create amazing art installations ...
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Finding Your Creativity: Top 5 TED Talks For Artistic Inspiration
October 30, 2014, in Learning & Career
Founded in 1984 in California, the TED conference is an annual meeting of the finest minds in “Technology, Entertainment, and Design." It has since spread to a number of other cities worldwide, and features guest speakers ...
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First Time Filmmakers Checklist
October 20, 2014, in Learning & Career
They say that hindsight is 20/20. It’s only after we’ve done something a handful of times that we really start to feel that we know how, exactly, it’s supposed to be done. Filmmaking is no different.
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October 15, 2014, in Learning & Career
Film festivals are great. They allow you to take a project you’ve crafted from start to finish over months, maybe even years, and showcase it before an audience.
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Top 5 Free (or nearly free) Alternatives to Photoshop
October 13, 2014, in Learning & Career
For almost any visual art, from photography to graphic design and everything in between, there comes a time when images must be manipulated.
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