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Insider Information: Improvements on Talenthouse
October 16, 2015, in Learning & Career
If you haven't noticed, we have made a few updates to Talenthouse recently. Here is a quick guide to all of the new improvements.
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The Republic Records Creative Studio Launches!
September 22, 2015, in Learning & Career, and Culture & Events
Talenthouse is proud to announce a new partnership with Republic Records! Say hello to 'The Republic Records Creative Studio!'
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Get To Know: Jakob Trollbäck
September 15, 2015, in Creative Briefs, and Learning & Career
Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Trollbäck + Company, DJ, writer and Global Goals Creative Invite judge Jakob Trollbäck is an exquisite creative mind and in his "spare time" has managed to give 3 TED Talks.
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You Can Now Upload GIFs to Talenthouse!
September 09, 2015, in Learning & Career
You can now upload GIFs to your Talenthouse profile (quite possibly the best news all September- right?!)
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Insider Info: How To Get Started Designing For Movies
August 20, 2015, in Learning & Career
Take a look at some tips and insights on how to start designing for major films.
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Seen It: "Tangerine" The Award Winning Film Shot on iPhones
July 27, 2015, in Learning & Career, and Culture & Events
Arguably one of the most important and groundbreaking films of this generation, “Tangerine” was shot entirely on iPhone 5s’.
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Get To Know: Emma Willis
July 13, 2015, in Learning & Career
Get to know the renowned TV host and Gillette Venus Ambassador Emma Willis.
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Five Tips for Establishing Yourself as a Freelance Designer
June 29, 2015, in Learning & Career
Writer and Graphic Designer Rachael Clemmons gives you five solid tips for establishing yourself as a freelance designer. Take note.
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Insider Info: Illustrator vs. Sketch 3: A Challenger in Vector-Based Design?
June 11, 2015, in Learning & Career
The 'pros' and 'cons' of both Adobe Illustrator and Sketch 3. Decide which one is better for your illustration or graphic design needs.
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Insider Info: Online Photography Courses: The 3 Best and 3 Free Alternatives
June 02, 2015, in Learning & Career
Want to become a better photographer? Here are 6 great courses that can help you master your photography skills.
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