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Insider Info: The Top 5 Tablets for Digital/Graphic Artists
July 28, 2016, in Learning & Career
Check out the top 5 best tablets for digital/graphic artists, ranging from affordable tablets to pricey ones for professionals.
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Insider Info: The Best Filmmaking Cameras on a Budget
July 14, 2016, in Learning & Career
Take a look at our top 5 cameras for filmmaking that don't break the bank but get results semi-close to the mega cameras like the RED's and ARRI's.
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Insider Info: 5 Must Have Lenses
June 21, 2016, in Learning & Career
Starting a career in photography or just shooting as a hobby? Take a look at our list of the must have lenses in your camera bag to get you shooting like the pros.
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Insider Info: 8 Tips for Using Maya
June 13, 2016, in Creative Briefs, and Learning & Career
Starting to get into 3D rendering? Here are some tips to get the most out of Maya and to help you with different aspects of the software.
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4 Tips for Shooting Short Films
April 06, 2016, in Learning & Career
Community member John Montana shares some of his top short film making tips after completing his most recent short film, "HUNGRY."
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Insider Info: 16 Comic Creation Tutorials & Resources
March 10, 2016, in Learning & Career
Want to be a comic book artist? Here are some great comic book tutorials to help you learn classic drawing, design techniques and give you guidance into the art of creating superheroes.
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Get to Know: Skip Bolen
March 04, 2016, in Featured Creators, and Learning & Career
Capturing stills for films and TV shows like "Scream Queens," master photographer Skip Bolen gives us insights into the photography industry and his love for "The Big Easy."
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Insider Info: What Companies Look For In Junior Designers
February 11, 2016, in Learning & Career
There’s a migration happening in the tech industry. Fortune 500 and startup companies alike seek not only programming wizards, but those with a background and education in design.​
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Insider Information: How To Create A 3D Avatar Manually In Blender
December 02, 2015, in Creative Briefs, and Learning & Career
Get some tips from David Conway on how to create your own avatar for Intel® RealSense™ and ooVoo!
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Get to Know: Cristobal "Popaesthete" Saez
November 04, 2015, in Featured Creators, and Learning & Career
Cristobal "Popaesthete" Saez creates colorful, hilarious pop culture-inspired illustrations and GIFs. A former intern at Giphy, Cristobal gave us some advice on how to make it as a freelancer.
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