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6 brilliant creative jobs in the Metaverse that already exist

April 27, 2022, in Culture & Events, and Learning & Career
Web 3 isn't going anywhere, and its expansion is actually going to be SO helpful to creatives across all disciplines
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How to use social media to win freelance clients

April 18, 2022, in Learning & Career
By attracting the largest possible number of eyeballs to your work and your brand, you increase your chances of being noticed by those who can offer you exactly what you’re after – paid opportunities.
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How much to charge as a freelance UX/UI designer

April 14, 2022, in Learning & Career
Being a freelance UI/UX designer can be exciting, what with the freedom to work at your own pace, choose your preferred clients and charge what you like... oh wait, it's not always that easy, is it?
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How to do your own PR as a creative freelancer

April 11, 2022, in Learning & Career
You don't need to be able to afford expensive agency services, just follow these 7 great tips. Hurrah.
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Instagram launches new guide to promoting your work and your business

April 06, 2022, in Culture & Events, and Learning & Career
The tips come from small businesses who've used the platform to drive huge successes
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How To Build an Outstanding UX Design Portfolio

March 30, 2022, in Learning & Career
Your portfolio is your shop window, and shows potential clients just how brilliant you are. No pressure.
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How to brand yourself as a freelance designer or artist

March 25, 2022, in Learning & Career
As annoying as it sounds, giving yourself a strong personal brand can go a long way in boosting your career as a freelancer.
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5 pieces of advice for creative freelancers starting out

March 16, 2022, in Learning & Career
Writer and Graphic Designer Rachael Clemmons gives you five solid tips for establishing yourself as a freelance designer. Take note.
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Talenthouse is hiring for a designer. Come work with us!

March 02, 2022, in Learning & Career
Are you a designer looking for a new role? We're hiring and we'd LOVE you to come work with us.
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Earnings Diary: How I survive as an animal-portrait artist on £600 a month

February 09, 2022, in Learning & Career
Honestly, do you even need to get paid if you're looking at pets all day? Yes. Yes you damn do.
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