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3 Creatives explain how they constantly have new ideas

October 11, 2022, in Learning & Career
It’s normal to be uninspired. Creativity is fragile so it needs to be fed enough inspiration.
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How to discuss rates and fees with other freelance creatives

August 24, 2022, in Learning & Career
Whichever way you choose to look at it, freelancing is much better when freelance creatives talk more about their fees and rates.
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"How I saved over $9,000 patenting my designs"

July 13, 2022, in Learning & Career
You really don't need to use an expensive legal expert
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3 financial mistakes creatives make (and how to avoid them)

June 22, 2022, in Learning & Career
There are loads of perks that come with being a creative freelancer, but organising your finances and chasing up invoices definitely isn’t one of them.
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EyeEm's new illustration marketplace is about to launch a new revenue stream for creatives

June 16, 2022, in Learning & Career
Want to make money while you sleep? Get involved in the EyeEm Illustration Marketplace before it launches
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How to network online and collaborate with other creatives

June 15, 2022, in Learning & Career
Traditional networking can be extremely awkward. Luckily, we live in the future and everything can now be done online! Here's how...
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How to get funding for your art and creative projects

June 13, 2022, in Learning & Career
Spoiler: one way is from Talenthouse
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How to negotiate your rates as a creative freelancer

May 18, 2022, in Learning & Career
Whether you're negotiating your first commission, are wondering how to put your prices up or are generally just interested in some more tips, we have advice for you.
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7 types of online tools every creative freelancer needs

May 10, 2022, in Learning & Career
Success takes skills, hard work, determination, and of course, the right tools.
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5 things to remember when you're writing a comic book

May 05, 2022, in Creative Briefs, and Learning & Career
Writing a script for a comic is an unusual thing. It’s not like a screenplay for a film, nor is it a piece of prose. It’s something of a hybrid of the two, while also being its own thing entirely.
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