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Tips & Insights: Abstract Representation of Character
September 20, 2021, in Creative Briefs, and Learning & Career
So you’re excited to submit to a brief, you already have a few ideas buzzing around in your head, and then you read the fine print in Things To Consider...
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The crucial 2 elements of a creative hot streak
September 17, 2021, in Learning & Career
Turns out the most creative people have these two things in common
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Just 10 relatable posts about being a creative freelancer
September 10, 2021, in Learning & Career
What do Adobe Photoshop and your crush have in common? They're both unresponsive.
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The Talenthouse brief that changed my life: Childish Gambino's guerrilla marketing designed by Audric Dandres
September 08, 2021, in Learning & Career
The selected creator has since launched a poster design business
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Earnings Diary: How I survive as an expressionist painter on £2,400 a year
August 29, 2021, in Learning & Career
Yep, that's 200 big ones per month from art, which means the side hustles are STRONG with this one
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Earnings Diary: How I survive as a freelance artist on AU$33,000 ($23,700 USD) a year
August 24, 2021, in Learning & Career
This week we look into the earnings of an artist who owns their own business
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This Creator Handbook is a must-read for YouTube creators
August 23, 2021, in Learning & Career
Whether you have 10million subscribers, or even just 10
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How 3 artists used OnlyFans to share their SAFE for work content
August 19, 2021, in Culture & Events, and Learning & Career
More artists and creatives are experimenting with OnlyFans - is it worth your time?
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What is inclusive design and why does it matter?
August 19, 2021, in Learning & Career
Removing the barriers that create effort and separation, ftw.
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Earnings Diary: How I survive as an illustrator on £1,200 a year
August 06, 2021, in Learning & Career
"Although I know that what I’m doing is valuable and will pay off in the long run, the almost complete lack of immediate gratification is frustrating."
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