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Insider Info: Principles of 3D Modeling
August 27, 2020, in Learning & Career
Take your creativity to another dimension by utilizing 5 core principles of 3D modeling in your creativity!
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Insider Info: Learn Snap Lens Studio
August 13, 2020, in Learning & Career
Learn how to create AR experiences in Lens Studio by Snap Inc.
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Insider Info: Build Your Career in 3D
August 07, 2020, in Learning & Career
Interested in learning more about how to expand your 3D capabilities outside of your comfort zone? Check out some of the different career paths and industries that require creativity with 3D.
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Insider Info: Real World Applications of AR
July 16, 2020, in Learning & Career
AR is not only changing the way we see, experience, and create art—but it’s also changing our everyday lives. Learn about how AR is shaking up more than just the global creative community!
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Insider Info: How to Create Snapchat Videos that Resonate
July 02, 2020, in Learning & Career
Check out some tips on how to make Snapchat ads that drive engagement and resonate with your audience.
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Insider Info: The History of Augmented Reality
June 11, 2020, in Learning & Career
Take a quick trip back in time to learn where AR started and the strides this technology has taken in recent years.
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Insider Info: Top 5 Free 3D Modeling Softwares
June 04, 2020, in Learning & Career
Check out the top 5 free 3D modeling tools you can use now and let us know if you’d like to join our AR/3D Community Group.
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Get to Know: Rob Biddulph & His Latest Endeavor
May 14, 2020, in Learning & Career
Get to know multi award-winning author/illustrator, Rob Biddulph and his latest endeavor to break the Guinness World Record by hosting the largest online art lesson!
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Insider Info: Join our AR/3D Snap Community!
May 14, 2020, in Learning & Career
Check out some Augmented Reality, 3D and animation creative work from your fellow community members and let us know if you’d like to join our AR/3D Snap Community Group.
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COVID-19 Creative Community Resource
March 19, 2020, in Learning & Career
Great creative resources for you to use and take advantage of during this uncertain time.
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