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Insider Info: Something’s Awry ‘Dear Travelers…’ Creative Process
July 23, 2020, in Featured Creators
Learn more about the video, the creative process, and the inspiration behind 'Dear Travelers...' for Star Alliance in our interview with Something's Awry on the Zooppa Blog!
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Seen It - Netflix Dark Murals
July 21, 2020, in Creative Briefs, and Featured Creators
Checkout these amazing murals for the Netflix series with a serious cult following -- "Dark".
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Insider Info: 3D Art for Black Lives
July 10, 2020, in Featured Creators
Check out this curated collection of 3D Art created in response to the Black Lives Matters Movement!
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Insider Info: Animated Shorts by BIPOC Creators
June 19, 2020, in Featured Creators
The Talenthouse Team put together a quick list of our favorite animated shorts by BIPOC creators and teams! What are some of your favorites?
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Get to Know: Jess Benjamin-Purmeswar
June 17, 2020, in Featured Creators
Get to know Ballantine's Selected Creator and artist Jess Benjamin-Purmeswar.
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Get to Know: Vladislav Skobelskij aka HAPPY
June 10, 2020, in Featured Creators
Get to know vibrant artist HAPPY and his unique style.
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Insider Info: Community Animations
May 28, 2020, in Featured Creators
Check out some creative work from your fellow community members and let us know if you’d like to join our AR/3D Snap Community Group.
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Get to Know: Gerardo La Porta
May 21, 2020, in Featured Creators
We want to introduce you all to Gerardo la Porta, the artist responsible for the hero image that appeared across the UN Covid-19 Brief.
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Seen It: Pablo Espinosa's Moxy Memphis Mural
April 24, 2020, in Featured Creators
Take a look at the vibrant mural created by Talenthouse Artist Pablo Espinosa for the Moxy Memphis Hotel!
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Get to Know: Maria Salomon
April 20, 2020, in Featured Creators
Meet Maria Salomon, the Selected Creator for Maggi's (Nestlé) Creative Brief!
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