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#TalenthouseArtist skill share: How Reyna Pelcastre created her winning poster for DC Comics

January 25, 2022, in Featured Creators
Reyna mixed functions from Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop to spin up 'Hawks Kiss', which landed her a Selected Creator spot in a recent DC Comics brief on Talenthouse.
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These pencil drawings are hyper-realistic and, quite frankly, ridiculous.

January 24, 2022, in Featured Creators
We can't stop looking at these creations from an extremely talented teenager in Poland. Yep, teenager.
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How 3D artist Misha Shyukin explores the physicality of materials

January 07, 2022, in Featured Creators
We spoke to 3D artist Misha Shyukin about moulding his artistic practice and balancing the real and surreal
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AREYES Studio on making AR accessible (and understandable) to everyone

January 07, 2022, in Featured Creators
Meet the team at AREYES Studio paving the way in social augmented reality
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How to win a Talenthouse typography art brief, from 4 artists who did it

January 04, 2022, in Featured Creators
Typographers... assemble
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4 incredible LGBTQIA+ creators making waves with 3D art

December 22, 2021, in Culture & Events, and Featured Creators
While you're getting busy creating work for our Spark AR brief, get inspired by these seasoned 3D artists doing some jaw-dropping work in a new dimension
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Telling Universal Music's Black Story with animator Caroline James

December 15, 2021, in Featured Creators
Meet Caroline James, the animator kicking off Universal Music's Black Story project
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3D artist Leroy van Drie on how to find your art style

December 10, 2021, in Featured Creators, and Learning & Career
We spoke to 3D artist Leroy Van Drie about finding your style, NFTs, and traveling to the metaverse
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3D Art Studio XS on how they play with the surreal

December 10, 2021, in Featured Creators
Studio XS talks us through creating art that is out-of-this-world
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3D artist Tabitha Swanson shares her creative process and inspirations

December 09, 2021, in Featured Creators, and Learning & Career
Having worked with the likes of Peggy Gou and Vogue Germany, Swanson’s digital talents and insights are in high demand
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