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How photography is helping environmental conservation and raising awareness of the climate crisis

April 14, 2022, in Creative Briefs, and Culture & Events
Very few of us get to see these sad events in person, as they happen. That’s where environmental and conservation photographers come in.
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This digital artist uses AI to imagine TV characters in real life

April 07, 2022, in Culture & Events
Using Photoshop and 3 different AI apps, Hidreley Leli Dião creates staggeringly realistic portraits.
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Instagram launches new guide to promoting your work and your business

April 06, 2022, in Culture & Events, and Learning & Career
The tips come from small businesses who've used the platform to drive huge successes
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DC announces sale of 200,000 NFT Batman collectables

March 31, 2022, in Culture & Events
The Cowl collection will be priced at $300 each, meaning DC and Warner Bros could earn themselves a tidy $60million
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This powerful art imagines the world after climate change reaches its peak

March 30, 2022, in Culture & Events
"News From The Future" combines drone photography and Photoshop to really drive home a message
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Talenthouse is getting bigger and better and WOW it's exciting

March 29, 2022, in Culture & Events
We've just had a growth spurt, which means even bigger and better creative opportunities are coming your way!
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How can artists make sure their NFTs are clean and green?

March 24, 2022, in Culture & Events
As the world grapples with environmental concerns, art is no exception, so when it comes to NFTs, how can artists practice sustainability?
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NFTs are coming to Instagram

March 17, 2022, in Culture & Events
Mark Zuckerberg has said he hopes minting will also be available via Instagram this year
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London agency launches genius 'Imagine' campaign exploring gender bias

March 10, 2022, in Culture & Events
The outdoor advertising campaign is promoting an initiative aimed at children
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Artists are becoming responsible crypto creators - businesses need to catch up

March 09, 2022, in Culture & Events
Being able to own and profit from your art needn't contribute to the destruction of the planet.
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