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How expertly designed movie posters create meaningful narratives

September 27, 2022, in Culture & Events
Taking a closer look at the design intricacies that turn a good movie poster into a truly great movie poster
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A painting created by AI just won an art competition: what does it mean for artists?

September 08, 2022, in Culture & Events
What do you think of an AI-generated piece of art winning a fine (digital) art competition?
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Are NFT galleries really the future of art?

August 15, 2022, in Culture & Events
Are NFT galleries a new and exciting way to sell digital artwork, or are they a waste of time?
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How creatives with ADHD are making home-working work for them

June 27, 2022, in Culture & Events
Working from home can be difficult for many people but for those with ADHD, it’s meant getting creative with their productivity
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5 incredible digital surrealist artists on Instagram

May 26, 2022, in Culture & Events
When you think of surrealism, it's usually of photos by Man Ray, or Dali's floppy clocks, right? In 2022, artists are using photography to make surrealist images through digital collages on Instagram.
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6 brilliant artists who showcase their virtual work in the metaverse

May 03, 2022, in Culture & Events
More artists are turning to digital platforms like the metaverse's Roblox, Decentraland, Sandbox, or Roblox, to showcase their latest digital art, much of which has a surrealistic spin.
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How to mint your artwork as an NFT

April 28, 2022, in Culture & Events
NFTs this, NFTs that - how do you actually make one, and what options do you have?
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Music lovers rejoice, we’ve just opened up more paid opportunities for you!

Talenthouse AG has acquired Creative Commission
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6 brilliant creative jobs in the Metaverse that already exist

April 27, 2022, in Culture & Events, and Learning & Career
Web 3 isn't going anywhere, and its expansion is actually going to be SO helpful to creatives across all disciplines
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The Art of the Tease – How Teaser Poster Art Transformed Movie Marketing

April 20, 2022, in Culture & Events
There’s more to effective teaser posters than just keeping things simple - these good examples are actually the result of a very considered series of strategic choices...
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