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An Introduction To Ingenious - Small Business Success Stories
June 28, 2021, in Creative Briefs
Discover an incredible new video brief brought to you from Mastercard, sponsored by Pollinate
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Create Videos for BodyMark® By BIC®
June 17, 2021, in Creative Briefs
Show us how BodyMark® by BIC® is a fun and easy tool for self-expression through short videos.
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Insider Info: AR Creator Interviews - Learn & Create with Facebook Spark AR
May 21, 2021, in Creative Briefs
Learn some tips on how create AR effects with our Official Spark AR Partners and Creator interviews.
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Insider Info: "Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City" Creative Brief Tips Insights
May 20, 2021, in Creative Briefs
Check out our six pointers when working on the "Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City" Creative Brief!
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Get to Know: Harrogate and The Royal Albert Hall Selected Creators
April 30, 2021, in Creative Briefs, and Featured Creators
Have a look at the Harrogate and Royal Albert Hall's Selected Creator and Finalists' artwork and learn a little bit more about the inspiration behind their designs.
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Insider Info: Harrogate and The Royal Albert Hall Tips & Insights
March 19, 2021, in Creative Briefs
See insights on what the Harrogate team are looking for in their brief to design their limited-edition label for Harrogate Spring Water celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Royal Albert Hall.
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An Insider Look at Harrogate & Royal Albert Hall’s History & Partnership
March 03, 2021, in Creative Briefs
Harrogate is looking for a culturally rich limited-edition label for Harrogate Spring Water celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Royal Albert Hall take a look at their History & Partnership!
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Insider Info: Approaching Adobe After Effects Tool
February 18, 2021, in Creative Briefs, and Learning & Career
After Effects can be daunting, especially if you have just started to familiarize yourself with video editing. Learning the basics, however, is quite simple if you are motivated—read on for more!
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Don’t Miss Our Latest Creative Briefs!
February 18, 2021, in Creative Briefs
Time's ticking! Have a look at some of our latest Creative Briefs. Don't miss out.
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Black Art Matters 2021: Art Educator and Muralist Ashley-Simone McKenzie
February 10, 2021, in Creative Briefs, Culture & Events, and Featured Creators
Global Vice President Community for TLNT Stephanie Rubin introduces Art Educator, Muralist, and Ello Black Art Matters Curator Ashley-Simone McKenzie! Read on for more.
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