You will have seen on our Creative Briefs page that our pals at Activision have come to the Talenthouse community to ask for digitally illustrated posters inspired by Call of Duty: Warzone’s in-game event ‘Operation Monarch’--featuring Godzilla vs. Kong

This is set to be an epic in-game event and battle alongside two of the world's most iconic and formidable rivals; epic TITANS Godzilla and Kong. But how do you create art about an in-game event that... hasn't happened yet?

Here's some important information to know.

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1. What is 'Operation Monarch'?

The MonsterVerse arrives, and nothing will ever be the same again. For a limited time, Call of Duty®: Warzone™ players will be able to dive right in to the in-game event Operation Monarch, during Season 3. From May 11th to May 25th, players will be transported back to the Second World War and head into battle… alongside TITANS Kong and Godzilla.

These two are the biggest arrivals that Caldera has ever seen, dwarfing every soldier, vehicle, or weapon platform any army on earth could put together – and players are set to have the biggest adventure they’ve ever had in Call of Duty.

With devastating damage set to be wreaked across the island of Caldera, Operation Monarch takes Warzone in an exciting new direction of destruction, full of the biggest challenges – and hugest rewards – players have ever seen.

2. What is the Warzone Map, Caldera?

Caldera is the island setting in Call of Duty: Warzone, where 'Operation Monarch' will take place. It's a map built based on learnings from the Call of Cuty community, and has replaced Verdansk as the main Battle Royale map in the game. Caldera island is an enormous, dormant volcano, and it's had a thrilling revamp for this new slice of action.

Caldera will be the setting of 'Operation Monarch' and should be the setting in which you place your artwork. Think dry land, the pacific ocean, airfields and power plants. Call of Duty have a detailed breakdown of the island on their website, here.


There are plenty of visually interesting locations on Caldera which could feature in your submission, and some key sites have had a radical upgrade. There's even the introduction of a new POI, a Dig Site (below). "Located between the Mine and the Ruins, Dig Site provides Operators the opportunity to rummage through abandoned excavation equipment, tents, and massive skeletons for Supply Boxes and other items."


The Dig Site features scatterings of Monster bones that have been excavated, as well as allowing players the ability to scale the excavators themselves to have new vantage points and survey the scene.

The Lagoon (below) has also been updated for this round. In previous seasons it may have been a place for the TITANS to catch a suntan, but this time around, there's a serious storm brewing. Activision have revealed that shifting tides will reveal a new sandbar area to explore, with shipwrecks providing cover.


Caldera's Peak (below) is the highest spot on the island, it’s a good location for all manner of things: scouting, transporting, hiding, or seeing something looming on the horizon. The construction work that was taking place there has now completed, offering helpful cover for anyone making themselves vulnerable while plotting their next move.


The Peak also features the symbol of the Monarch organisation, from Godzilla 2014. 

Runway (below) also has a new version, featuring some decommissioned planes for extra coverage, as well as towers to scale for better visibility.


All that, as well as the remaining points of interest that could serve as visually striking settings for your submission:

Mines: Could there be something lurking underground where the TITANs tread?

Beachhead: Imagine the scene... As battle rages on the beach, Godzilla emerges from the water, and all bets are off, honestly.

Resort: What should be a relaxing getaway turns into an extreme fight for survival when the TITANS show up… or maybe Kong’s just having a sunbathe?

Power plant: We might be in a pre-nuclear power era, but that doesn’t mean the place where humans make their power won’t see a visit from the most powerful creatures in existence.

Arsenal: As the troops arm themselves, the real story of what lies ahead for them becomes all too real.

3. What happens when TITANS come to Warzone Pacific?

This can either be entirely up to your interpretation, or based on what you see happen in the game from May 11th. Now that you've seen Caldera, let your imagination run wild as you anticipate what the arrivals of Godzilla and Kong will do to this pacific island.

Remember that 'Operation Monarch' doesn’t seek to destroy or eradicate TITANS (Godzilla or Kong). Their organizational mission statement is “Discovery and Defense in a time of Monsters” - but what are the TITANS doing? Are they dominating recognizable corners or structures on Caldera? Are they facing off with each other?


Adding your interpretation and wildest imagination to the representations of Godzilla and Kong is going to result in some truly epic work, and we cannot wait to see it.

4. How should Godzilla and Kong be represented?

One of the most important requirements of this brief is to submit your interpretations of Godzilla and Kong as they appear in the 2021 film Godzilla vs. Kong, remembering that:

  • Kong should be drawn to 85% the size of Godzilla. (Kong’s head should reach Godzilla’s chin)
  • Godzilla is not green

The Creative Brief has full representation instructions - scroll down to find specific modules for both Godzilla and Kong, and ensure you keep the specifications in mind when creating your submission.

Remember, Kong is a 337-foot-tall gorilla beast, and Godzilla is 394-foot prehistoric reptile. These TITANs dwarf everything and everyone around them, and make smashing through skyscrapers look as easy as dipping your finger in water.

NB: Your submission must use the Official Title Treatment in the Brief Materials Folder download. Any other font shown in your art must be a default font and NOT a third party download of any kind, and everything must be digitally illustrated.

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