We're sure you're as pumped as we are about Activision's Creative Brief with us, looking to our talented community for digitally illustrated posters inspired by Call of Duty: Warzone’s in-game event ‘Operation Monarch’--featuring Godzilla vs. Kong

The in-game event is set to be epic, and the early bird deadline is approaching (May 11th!). If you're at a loss for where to start with your artwork, here are a few suggestions from the Talenthouse team.

  1. TITANS and humans on the same screen opens up opportunities to play with perspectives. What is a soldier's point of view when looking up at a towering Godzilla or Kong? Or you could switch your vantage point. Pretend you are on the shoulders of these TITANS and visualize how small everything appears when looking from 100+ meters above ground.

  2. Pay attention to the color palettes used in-game during different settings. Try to capture the same tone and feel for your poster art. Combine it with what is distinctive to Godzilla vs. Kong, like Godzilla's glowing eyes, spikes and breath, or the texture of Kong’s skin and fur.

    Submission by Talenthouse Creative Chris Kemp

  3. Please see the Brief for all creative guidelines and rules for portraying Godzilla and Kong correctly! If you're a fan of the early Godzilla posters from Japan, this is your opportunity to pay homage to the rich heritage of these posters that usually reserve the lower portion to the human cast. You could create the ultimate “team photo” and include all fighters, both human and TITAN. Just remember that while you might want to work in the classic style, Godzilla still needs to be represented as in the 2021 movie - we know you’re up to the challenge! Please see Approved Operators & Weapons for instructions on portraying in-game characters.

  4. You could embrace the WWII style of art and re-imagine the MonsterVerse in the 1940s - a challenge, but one that could have incredible results. Abram Games has a lot of classic British propaganda and visual puns, and Reginald Mount is also worth checking out if you're looking into the classic poster-art style. The constructivist style of art is well worth looking into for further inspiration.

    Submission by Talenthouse Creative Adriann Delmo

  5. Godzilla is as agile in water as on land, so there's room to concentrate on different settings - how would Kong fare in an underwater battle? How would Godzilla step up when Kong's scaled a building and has a greater height advantage? How would they look when approaching each other in the various settings around Caldera? (See more about the updates to Caldera and the visually striking locations here).

  6. While your work should focus on the TITANS, don't forget that this is Call of Duty. What could you include to make your work identifiable as a Call of Duty reference? Including some first-person perspective from various stages in the game, perhaps, or from different vantage points in Caldera.

    Submission by Talenthouse Creative Adriann Delmo

  7. Remembering that you can submit up to ten times, there's potential to focus on different areas of Caldera, different poses of the TITANs, and different stylings for your work. Create freely!

NB: Your submission must use the Official Title Treatment in the Brief Materials Folder download. Any other font shown in your art must be a default font and NOT a third party download of any kind, and everything must be digitally illustrated.

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