Creating since he was a child in France, Audric Dandres first began improvising as a graphic designer at age 15, creating flyers for student nights at clubs in Italy. Receiving a full scholarship to IAAD in Turin, Italy and obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Communication and Graphic Design, he is now an art director and graphic designer, and also the winner of the ‘Create street art for Childish Gambino’ Talenthouse brief. 

“Sometimes designers are likened to artists because of their creativity,” Audric tells Talenthouse. “However, I wouldn't call myself an artist. For me, a true artist is someone who allows the universal beauty of something to shine through their work. Rather, I am more of a designer, which is someone who applies creative thinking to practical projects.”


Audric won the Childish Gambino brief in the summer of 2014, when he was freelancing and looking for new challenges.

“Talenthouse was (and still is) my favourite platform in terms of competition briefs and opportunities,” he says. Coming across the brief to design a stencil for a street art campaign to promote Childish Gambino’s Brixton show, despite not knowing the artist well at the time, Audric decided to take up the challenge.


“I always start by doing some research on the state of the art within the field I’m jumping into. Then I try to add my own vision to the work, which is nourished by whatever I may have observed in everyday life. In fact, inspiration is everywhere, you can find it in both visible and invisible things. Sometimes you just have to make the right connections between things to understand what your target audience will like. Some other times you need to take your time and let yourself be open to possibilities, and an idea will come to you.”

childish-gambino-talenthouse-brief.jpgA sample from the Talenthouse brief

For this brief, Audric mainly took inspiration from the artist Banksy’s straightforward and simple style, aiming for a clean stencil of Childish Gambino’s face created in Photoshop and Illustrator. At 3am while on holiday in Varna, Bulgaria with friends, Audric was walking back to his hotel when he received an email from San Francisco announcing that he had won the creative brief. 

After winning, he was invited to London to attend the guerrilla marketing campaign made with his stencil, to meet Childish Gambino and attend his concert at the O2 Academy Brixton, as well as receive the prize money of $1,200.

Audric_Dandres_Childish_Gambino_5.jpegImage courtesy of Audric Dandres from

“Winning is always good,” says Audric. “it boosts your state of mind, especially for creative people who in many cases constantly doubt their abilities. Also it is good to include projects like this in your portfolio. This one surely helped me find new jobs.”

Audric now works full time for a luxury watch brand in Switzerland, and also launched a poster design brand The Thin Gold Line, with his brothers. In his spare time he continues to take on clients through his design studio PLUS MINUS, as well as sometimes submitting his work to Talenthouse open briefs to continually challenge himself. 

When asked about his best advice for fellow creatives, he responded, “I would tell them to be curious and not to be followers. I would tell them to always try to reinvent the wheel even if that's impossible, because in a sense, what is fashionable has already succumbed to the rule of conformity and is therefore the enemy of creativity. Last but not least, always stay humble.”