Well, it's no wonder Birth to Bridges had their cover of the Allman Brothers Band's "Midnight Rider" down so well - in our interview with them, they told us it's one of their most commonly played cover songs at shows!

Birth to Bridges is a four-piece folk band hailing from Syosset, New York. Just a few weeks ago, the guys won Relix Magazine's seal of approval and were declared the winners of our Creative Invite with the Allman Brothers Band - which called on our community of talented musicians to submit a kickass cover of one of the band's catalog favorites.


It's clear from their answers that this is a pack of musicians who know the rock genre inside and out, and who know how to savor great music. And bassist Joe Giani may have the best explanation ever for why we all love "Benny and the Jets" so much.


TH: Tell us what it was like finding out you'd won!
Birth to Bridges: It was an indescribable feeling that we all couldn’t believe at the time. It really helped confirm, and reignite the passion and positivity of our group. To have this under our belt makes us feel confident, and excited for the future of our band's career.

To have this under our belt makes us feel confident, and excited for the future of our band's career.


TH: If you hadn't covered Midnight Rider, which Allman Brothers song would you have covered?
Birth to Bridges: Either "Melissa" or "Rambling Man." We do both for fun and sometimes for live shows. "Midnight Rider" really showcases our ability to harmonize both vocally and instrumentally.


b2b-1.jpgTH: How did you hear about this opportunity?
Birth to Bridges: We put a song up for a different Creative Invite which we lost. Then we got an e-mail saying there was a couple other contests on Talenthouse.com that we might be interested in. So we hopped on it and recorded the cover the next day. The rest is history.


TH: Which bands/musicians do people most often tell you you sound like?
Birth to Bridges: Personally we think we have our own unique sound thats both reminiscent of old classic rock but with a modern edge to it. We've been compared to the sounds of Crosby, Stills and Nash, Allman Brothers Band, Zac Brown Band, James Taylor, Dashboard Confessional, and John Mayer. What do you think?


TH: How did you first form as a band?
Birth to Bridges: The vocalists Dave and Nick DiPrimo (brothers) have been playing and writing songs since they were very young. Adam Sklar grew up in the same town and came into a few jam sessions with some fantastic guitar lead idea’s and eventually brought our bass player Joe Giani.

What started out as just fun jams, progressed into what we have now which is a 4 piece group. Nick DiPrimo singing and playing rhythm guitar. Dave DiPrimo singing, drums, and acoustic guitar. Joe Giani on bass, and Adam Sklar on lead guitar.


TH: How did you settle on the name Birth to Bridges?
Birth to Bridges: We had the metaphorical idea that everyone is born on their own island. As you go through life you build connections to the people in your life. Those connections are the bridges that help to structure the person you become. We like to think that we are building these bridges to every person who hears our music.


b2b-2.jpgTH: What's your creative process like - how do you work most effectively together?
Birth to Bridges: We have a routine of our original songs that we know in general. But when someone has an idea they have been working on, they address it to the group and we all sit down and play it out until it feels right.

After practice Nick or Dave (or both) will tweak the lyrics or the chords to somewhat finalize it. Then we come back to practice the next time and we have something new and fresh to complete, that's fun and different.


TH: Who are your greatest musical influences?
Adam Sklar: Duane Allman, Warren Haynes, Derek Trucks, Hendrix, Buddy Guy.
Dave DiPrimo: The Doors, Zac Brown Band, Allman Brothers.
Joe Giani: The Who, Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles, Billy Joel.
Nick DiPrimo: James Taylor, John Mayer, Beatles, Zac brown.


TH: Could each of you name a song you wish you'd written?
Adam Sklar: "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" by the Allman Brothers or "Free" by Zac Brown Band.
Dave DiPrimo: "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes" by Crosby, Stills and Nash.
Nick DiPrimo: "Something In The Way She Moves" by James Taylor.
Joe Giani: Hands down for me is "Benny and The Jets." You can't get the song out of your head and the fact that you can't understand a word he says adds to the charm.


TH: One deceased musician you wish you'd gotten to see live?
Adam Sklar: Duane Allman.
Dave DiPrimo: Jim Morrison.
Nick DiPrimo: Stevie Ray Vaughn.
Joe Giani: The Who, original lineup.


TH: Any pre-show rituals/routines you practice?
Birth to Bridges: Relax, stretch, and get the blood flowing. Remember to have as much fun as possible and go over any parts that are fresh to the set. Tuning and harmonizing backstage right before we go out.


TH: Most commonly played cover song at your shows?
Birth to Bridges: "Midnight Rider" or "Into The Mystic."


TH: What keeps you going when you hit a tough spot in your career?
Birth to Bridges: The idea that our music is different and there is a market for us. People dig what we have going and what we are trying to do. The trick is getting the message out for everyone to see and start to follow us.

Our band is new and fresh and needs to get outside of our bubble. So for us just to know that people like it and that we have a chance to do what we love to do, that’s all that matters.

For us just to know that people like it and that we have a chance to do what we love to do, that’s all that matters.


TH: Do you each remember the first concert you ever attended?
Nick DiPrimo: Weird Al Yankovic (he was amazing!)
Dave DiPrimo: Jethro Tull at The Ballon Festival
Joe Giani: Chicago and Earth Wind and Fire at Jones Beach (Best show I've been to!)
Adam Sklar: Third Eye Blind at Jones Beach (in 2nd Grade)


TH: What's next for you guys?
Birth to Bridges: Playing as many shows as possible, everywhere. We just cut our first EP even though we have enough material for an LP. So we're going to save up funds for our future full length. We will also be shooting more live videos, music videos and getting as much exposure as possible!


Check out the band's EP here on iTunes.

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