Talenthouse loves to hear about the wonderful endeavors our artists have moved onto since their successes with us, so we're excited to share the news that Sean Rosch, AKA Big Rush has an album, Alford Plea, releasing on Christmas Day.

Sean was one of our featured artists back in 2010. He then won an opportunity to go to Los Angeles, where he recorded a rap with singer Kwanza Jones and Grammy-nominated producer/engineer Luke Tozour.

"I like to think I am one of the hardest working artists out there and I feel like good things are on the way. I also think people can relate to my style because I tell it how it is with no shame," Sean says of Alford Plea.

This album marks Sean's fourth full-length release. Beatbox Studios owner Chachi Carvalho has called Sean one of the hardest working artists in Rhode Island. "I love the fact that he has a story to tell. He is honest, persistent, and determined to be successful. You gotta love that."

Look for Alford Plea on iTunes starting December 25, 2012. Congratulations, Sean!

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